Thanks to make-up she manages to transform…
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Thanks to make-up she manages to transform herself into a woman who looks 20 years younger: followers call her a "scammer"

April 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Patricia Lichtenberger is a 47-year-old woman who, like so many other women, likes to feel beautiful. Unlike many others, however, Patricia has an exceptional gift: she is a true make-up artist! It seems that eyeshadows, foundation and contouring hold no secrets from her. The videos of her on TikTok testify to all the skill of this mother who works full time as a shop assistant in a jewelry store and who, in her free time, enjoys transforming herself radically with the use of make-up. Every transformation she makes is filmed and posted on TikTok, where many followers find it hard to believe that, at the end of the video, she is the same person.

Patricia does not hide her true appearance, but when she shows her makeup in her videos, many followers accuse her firstly, of not being the same person and secondly, of being a "scammer". In what sense could this accusation be levelled? Well, make-up is a "magic trick" that, if used properly, manages to hide imperfections and strengthens the best features to its advantage. Patricia Lichtenberger is so good that, after putting on her make-up, she looks 20 years younger!

It is inevitable that Patricia has become a real make-up influencer, but it has not always been so clear that this would happen: the woman started publishing videos from 2016 and was not initially prepared for the nastiness of certain followers who, even if they did not know her, they wrote how bad she was.

Since then, however, her channel has grown phenomenally, despite allegations of being a "scammer". Her before and after makeup videos are arguably the most viewed. "When I started posting my makeup videos" commented Patricia, "people would call me ugly or say 'What's wrong with your face?' Then they called me 'scammer' and I knew what they meant, but it was certainly not my intention to trigger these followers".


"I wanted to share my before and after makeup videos, because for so long the negative comments hurt me so much that I fell into depression. But I finally managed to pick myself up and turn those negative comments into something bitter-sweet," said Patricia referring to her experience.

Her fans support her because they know what Patricia has had to go through.  And Patricia's children couldn't be more proud of their skilled mother. What's the problem with displaying a skill like Patricia's? Do we necessarily have to accuse those who, using their amazing skills, have managed to improve themselves and find harmony in their lives? Accepting yourself for what you are is never easy, but if Patricia has found a way to do it, albeit through make-up, why is it necessary to criticize her so much?


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