Bridesmaid has a scar on her face that…
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Bridesmaid has a scar on her face that she wants to cover up with make-up: the bride forbids her to do this

July 19, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When you take on the responsibility of attending a wedding, you can expect to have to accept things that you are not exactly thrilled about doing. For example, bridesmaids are often forced to wear ugly dresses, and the bachelorette party can be a huge expense. However, if you accept the request from the bride and groom to attend, you want their special day to be perfect and usually their requests are generally harmless. In this story, however, there we see an exception to this rule. A bridesmaid reached out to the Reddit community for some objective opinions on whether or not her best friend was being reasonable with her requests.

via: Reddit

"I've been bending over backwards for months now - even taking time off from work - to help my best friend with her wedding planning. To be clear, I don't want or intend to end this friendship because of this. It's just that I really don't know what to do," the young woman began in her post. She continued: "I'm a professional make-up artist, I wear makeup every day and I'm good at it. In my opinion (and as my friend told me) I'm much more attractive with makeup on, and to be honest, I have no confidence in myself without it."

The young woman also explained the other reason that motivates her to wear make-up in order to feel more self-confident: "I also have a scar on my face that I hide thanks to make-up and about which I am very insecure. I speak about this because, in the past, my friend has made a lot of comments about my looks and my use of makeup to men I was interested in. She's said things like "you should see her without makeup" when a guy expressed interest in me, or stated how "it can vanish" if a man thought of me as pretty or beautiful. In the past, she has apologized for these comments, saying she was just jealous that I received more male attention than she did. But the comments continued, even during her engagement. Personally I don't think it's true that I get more male attention than she does, as she she's the one getting married and I'm still single. But in the past, people have called her "the ugly friend" (I disagree, of course), so I partially understand her insecurity and jealousy. "

"This morning I woke to a message from her in which she thanked me for all the help I have given her in recent months and that she had an important request to make of me: she wants me to show up at her wedding without any make-up on. She explained that if I wear makeup I would "outshine her" (her words) at her own wedding and that this would be unfair because she wants to feel like the most beautiful person in the church as the bride", continued the young woman, adding that she did not take this request well at all.

"I told her it was ridiculous, that it's a wedding, that everyone is going to wear makeup and that if I don't, I won't look good or appear decent in the wedding photos. I even offered to wear toned-down make-up so as not too upstage her (not to mention that I'm doing her make-up for free). But she refused this offer and said that I absolutely can not wear make-up - it's her wedding, and a true friend would want her to have a perfect day and accused me of wanting to steal the limelight on her special day. She refused to compromise, despite not being able to give me a rational explaination as to why I can't wear makeup, while all the other women in attendance can."


"I don't think it's fair. She knows I'm not confident about myself without makeup on and that I won't like how I look in the wedding photos. She knows I have a scar (albeit a small one) that I don't feel comfortable about showing. Notwithstanding this, we argued about this for a full day and she still doesn't want to change her mind. What if I don't go? " asked the young woman.

User responses have been unanimous in support of the bridesmaid, with many claiming that the bride is not a true friend. "This person is not your friend. This is exactly what I kept thinking while reading your story," wrote one user. "True friendship is about supporting each other. A true friend wouldn't belittle you in front of others. She might say, 'You look beautiful with or without makeup,' but she wouldn't force you to to feel ugly or uncomfortable at her wedding in order to make herself feel good. It is best to withdraw from attending gracefully. "

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