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His ex-girlfriend shows up at his wedding dressed as a bride and begs him to come back to her

Not everyone manages to stay on good terms with their ex and, honestly, it's no wonder. Leaving aside those cases in which the relationship is totally compromised, perhaps because of betrayal (of course,…

A woman filed for divorce due to her husband's poor hygiene: he insisted on not taking a bath

Couples break up and marriages end due to a thousand different reasons. However, it was probably never the case that such an important decision was made on the basis of a husband's poor hygiene. That's…

The bride decides to do a "bridal reveal" photoshoot of her wedding dress with her brother and not her husband

Marriage is the day that celebrates a lifetime commitment between two people who love each other, but nevertheless, it is also a day that celebrates the family. It is for this reason that when Ashley…

The photo shoot of two newlyweds was made even more memorable by the arrival of a raccoon family

The wedding day for many couples is like a dream come true, that special part of a fairy tale that is either beginning or continuing - a day in which newlyweds share their great joy with the whole world.…

They get married in jeans and a t-shirt to show that weddings do not have to be expensive

Who said you need lots of money to get married? If there is love and the desire to be together, you can easily understand how money is of absolutely secondary importance. Certainly, one's wedding day…

She is 102 years old and he is 100 and after falling madly in love with each other they decided to get married!

Even if today's society would have us believe otherwise, we are never too old to meet the love of our life. Some women are very worried about remaining alone, and when they approach 30 years of age without…

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