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Thanks to his skills as a makeup artist, he manages to transform every woman into a "perfect" bride.

Marriage is for many an important goal, which seals a dream of love and which, therefore, is always expected to be "perfect". Every bride rightly wants to look beautiful and elegant on her wedding day…

A woman catches her husband at the altar with another woman: the surreal scene shot by one of the guests

What could be more horrifying than having your wedding day ruined? Perhaps, only discovering that your husband is marrying another woman in secret! This is what happened in Zambia to a woman who surprised…

"I found out we're cousins": A woman gives her husband a DNA test and the marriage falls apart

Giving a birthday gift to someone you love is something that requires time and a lot of consideration. Imagine having thought of something unique and decidedly unusual for your partner, which would leave…

She discovers that her husband is cheating on her and leaves her wedding dress at the lover's door: "enjoy the second-hand goods"

Married life is not always a walk in the park. Although for a long time everything may go smoothly, the events that disturb the confidence and tranquility of husbands and wives are many, and often completely…

They married despite the opposition from their families: today they are the oldest couple in the world

Some loves really seem destined to last forever. Although there are now more than a few skeptics on the subject of love and emotion, we have many examples of marriages and lasting romances, pursued with…

The mother-in-law dresses in a white dress and dances close to her son stealing the show from the bride during the wedding

The wedding is - or at least it should be - a day to remember for a lifetime, a splendid moment in which the love of a couple for each other triumphs and they habe decided to form a family together. Fortunately…

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