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"Women who don't lose weight after childbirth are the cause of divorce": the words from this man ignite debate

A Hungarian fitness guru has been inundated with criticism after having an unhappy outing during a live broadcast on social media. The man said that women are responsible for divorce in most cases because…

She pretends to cancel the wedding so as not to invite some relatives, but is betrayed by the photos of the event on social media

What would you not do in order not to invite some relatives to your wedding? There are those who, like the woman protagonist of this story, would commit acts of dishonesty. In reality, the story has nuances…

She marries a man she met online but then finds out via Facebook that he has already been married to another woman for 15 years

Tough Times for Serial Liars: with the Internet and Facebook, leading a double life has become very difficult. Mr. Tom McCabe found out to his cost when his wife - updating her cell phone - found clear…

"My son is perfect!": Mother-in-law unleashes fury on her daughter-in-law when the couple are exchanging wedding rings

She didn't even let the bride finish reading her vows: the groom's mother wanted to intervene in the middle of the ceremony to criticize her future daughter-in-law's behavior. "You can't talk about my…

An 81-year-old woman falls in love with a 45-year-old man she met on the internet and they are now happily married

There are those who think that love has no age, and those who place limitations on themselves by deciding, at a certain point, to give it up. Yet, before or after the age of 50, love inevitably arrives…

She refused to go to her sister's wedding because it would cost her £800 a day

The wedding day turns out to be one of the most important days of their relationship for many couples, as well as of their life. Many women load their wedding day with meaning, imagining themselves as…

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