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"Either you lose weight or you won't be my bridesmaid": woman decides not to attend her cousin's wedding

Losing weight must be a personal decision, motivated by a deep desire to change and take care of yourself, and not an imposition by others. Olive Chiemerie was asked to lose weight in order to attend…

Bride bans a bridesmaid from the wedding because of her haircut: "My rules were clear"

When it comes to a wedding, everyone knows that the combination of the stressful situation, tight deadlines and financial problems can lead to tension. However, sometimes things can go too far. This…

Couple get married in their garden and their spiteful neighbor cuts her lawn during the ceremony

On a wedding day, everything should be perfect, don't you think? Couples usually prepare every little detail to avoid any kind of unexpected mishap and ensure everyone has a memorable day. The couple who…

High school sweethearts lose touch with each other for 64 years: when they meet again, they decide to get married

Annette Adkins and Bob Harvey are a recently married couple in their eighties. The two, however, have been in love with each other for a very long time. Bob met Annette in a classroom in 1955, and…

Worried by the disappearance of her boyfriend, a young woman hunts for him: she discovers that he has a wife and children in another country

When we meet a kind and nice person with whom we get along and can talk about everything, we often feel lucky and over the moon with happiness. And if we also like the man or woman physically (and this…

Bride offers up her $ 3,000 wedding dress: "I want to give it to those who want it but can't afford it"

What is the one thing that engages a woman the most when organizing her wedding? Every future bride will have her answer, that's for sure, but we can imagine that a good percentage would site the choice…

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