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Better to marry late but be more conscious than to marry young the wrong person

There are people who dream of their wedding day from an early age and cannot wait to meet their "other half" to make their dream come true. Therefore, some couples who meet and fall in love when they…

The power of makeup is shown here with these 27 brides that make-up artists have made beautiful ... and unrecognizable!

For most women, the day of their marriage is a dream that has come true, a long-cherished fantasy held by little girls, back when they staged make-believe weddings, wearing their mother's heels and a…

This woman created her own wedding dress using the parachute that had saved her husband's life

Every woman wants her wedding day to be perfect; and for this purpose, she does not leave out any important wedding details. But surely, among all the aspects to be organized, there is one that occupies…

Divorce is not a failure, therapists say. Sometimes it means that the marriage was a success!

Marriage is designed to stimulate people to grow. However, if after trying everything, even couples therapy,  the choice is still divorce, it is almost never a symptom of failure. To support this concept…

"To open after the first disagreement" and after 9 years of marriage, a couple discovers the content of an old aunt's gift

Kathy and Brandon have been married for 9 years now, have children and have experienced their ups and downs, like all couples in this world. One day, the two were invited to the wedding of some acquaintances…

She discovers that her husband-to-be is cheating on her and on the wedding day she reads the text messages aloud instead of her wedding vows

A wedding day is usually a very intense day due to the stress and also from an emotional point of view. The expectations of the wedding guests are high, the bride and groom would like everything to…

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