Groom bans the women of his family from his wedding: "They dressed in white and I specifically asked them not to"

Mark Bennett

July 09, 2022

Groom bans the women of his family from his wedding:

Jokes and pranks can cause us to  have a good laugh and have fun, but there are times when you risk going too far with a joke and things can get out of hand and lead to a terrible situation happening. A 33-year-old groom had an experience like this that ruined his beautiful wedding ceremony.

The man recounted the episode in a post on Reddit, also asking for advice from the community, and explaining in detail the prank that the women of his family pulled on him during his wedding ceremony.

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The man explained that he has a large family - mostly aunts and cousins, along with his mother, stepmother, half-sister and grandmother. "I don't know how to say it, but all the women I've mentioned here are fond of pranks, jokes and playful teasing. They've formed a group (which, I admit, is a bit toxic) to torment every new woman who joins the family by marriage, organizing 'tests' to see if they deserve to be part of it ", said the author of the post.

When the young man first introduced his fiancé - now his wife - he clearly stated that he does not like this family habit. He later found out that the women in his family were very critical his wife's appearance and her work - including stating so on Facebook. "I forced them to apologize individually and - when I said I would not invite any of to my wedding (including my mother ) - they all immediately apologized and brought gifts for my wife," explained the newly wed.

A few days before the wedding, his brother warned the groom about a prank his family were going to pull on the day of the ceremony: they all were going to show up in white dresses at the ceremony. "So, I said that if any of them showed up in white, I would have them kicked out, but they reassured me that they would never do such a thing." However, on the wedding day, the group of women actually did show up in white dresses and the groom kept his word - he acted to get them kicked them out of the ceremony. But initially, his mother and aunts refused to leave.

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"My mother got angry and told me to step aside, but I wouldn't let her in. I refused to let her in while the men in the family looked on in astonishment. Dad was on my side and supported me a lot. I felt terrible because my wedding was interrupted by them causing this embarassing scene. My wife was hurt beyond measure and others were very angry. My cousin attacked me on social media, saying that I had banned them from the wedding because my wife was so insecure that she could not handle the presence of other women at her wedding. I had an argument with them and my mother scolded me, saying it was supposed to be a joke. But I told them they had gone too far," explained the new husband.

“They were trying to get a reaction from my wife - to see how she would act and that they would change as soon as the prank was over. But this tasteless stunt ruined my wedding day marriage. They said I had overreacted, had acted too aggressively and told me that I had to bring my wife around to them and the two of us should apologize to the group. I haven't seen them for two weeks now and they have excluded me from everything going on in the family", he stated. He ended by asking Reddit users for for their opinions and to understand if he had gone too far by banning these jokester  family members from his wedding ceremony.

All the man's Reddit agreed with what he had done: "Your family is toxic and I am so sad for your wife that they did this to her - but am also so happy for her that she has a husband who will support her and stand beside her. I'm sorry your family tried to hijack your wedding to pull a childish prank, but you did the right thing and your marriage will be stronger because of it," wrote one user.

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