This girl transforms herself into another…

This girl transforms herself into another person thanks to her make-up skills

May 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

In recent times, we have been hearing more and more about make-up techniques, especially thanks to social media networks and to the many people who have created and published video tutorials covering this topic online and in the public arena. These tutorials show how it is possible, even for non-experts, to create homemade make-up and how to use it properly based on the activities in which one plans to participate. Sometimes, however, one goes beyond using simple, daily make-up and many people are now considered to be real artists due to the transformations they are able to create thanks to eye shadows, foundations, lipsticks, blushes and much more.

One of these make-up artists is a young woman who, on TikTok, shows her mastery of make-up techniques and the magic she can perform with her many make-up products. Plain Jane to Barbi Doll - this is how many users have described her (and her transformation process) in their comments. Let's find out more about her- keep reading:

Known on social networks as @anastasile, the subject of this story has managed to capture the attention of a large number of followers - indeed, she has exceeded in getting one million followers and collecting a total of 30 million likes. And after all, if you view the images and especially the published videos, you can't help but be left speechless by the transformation.

In almost all the videos, we see the young woman appearing at first as a fairly plain-looking girl - a plain Jane, so to speak, wearing everyday clothes and having nothing particularly special about her appearance. But a little while later, everything changes and she turns into a real "femme fatale".

These are mind-boggling images that leave the followers speechless and encourage them to congratulate the young woman on her amazing make-up skills. "You are so talented!" says one comment and also: "It's amazing how you manage to transform yourself into a completely different person".


Others, however, are not so impressed and have also criticized her. For some followers, the transformation is disturbing"You look much older than your real age, why would you do that?" In fact, when looking at the videos carefully, the change is so radical that it makes the young woman appear to be a mature adult.

Nonetheless, Anastasia has managed to impress an massive group of fans and has reached a very high numbers of views with her videos. And, apparently, she does not want to stop creating her make-up tutorials.

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