Woman spends $ 300 on her wedding make-up,…
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Woman spends $ 300 on her wedding make-up, but the result is very disappointing: "I can do better myself"

May 28, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It is normal to want everything to be absolutely perfect on your wedding day and that is why countless, detailed dress, make-up and reception party plans are made. Everything has to be perfect, or at least it has to get as close as possible. Haley, who calls herself "stellarb0mb" on TikTok, is a young bride who showed the whole world her disastrous make-up session: the woman spent $ 300 dollars to be able to be made up by a professional and thereby to show off a fantastic look, but the result was a disaster.

"I could have done the make-up better myself," was the comment of the future bride posted to social media networks.

Paying $ 300 for a shoddy, badly-done job would make anyone mad, don't you think? Haley, close to her wedding day, posted a video on TikTok in which she shows the result of her make-up test at a professional studio. Her make-up, however, looks anything but professional: the foundation shading was completely wrong for her complexion and, moreover, the make-up artist hadn't even used a proper base, which is why the make-up had already starting to run and was clearly showing all the imperfections of her skin, especially around her nose. What kind of professional make-up is it if it doesn't conceal facial imperfections properly?

Many users commented, agreeing with Haley, that it was a very amateurish make-up job: "This is an end-of-day make-up look!" or: "Anyone who says this make-up job isn't bad, is lying to you. A bride's make-up should be flawless, especially for that price. You can get a lot better for this money." To end: "It's really an amateur job at best - most of us have better make-up than that, even just going to work or to the supermarket."

Haley's video hit 940,000 views, and in the end, she decided to complain to the cosmetics shop that had given her her make-up trial. The owner apologized for the inconvenience and, without charging her anything additional, she did Haley's make-up herself. This time, the job was flawless and the make-up looked like it had finally be done by a true professional!

We must always pay attention to the professionalism of all those who offer personal services, especially if we are planning an important event such as a wedding.

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