At a job interview, a young woman asks for information about the salary and the interviewer answers: "we are looking for people who want more than just money" -
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At a job interview, a young woman asks…
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At a job interview, a young woman asks for information about the salary and the interviewer answers: "we are looking for people who want more than just money"

May 27, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Why do we go to work? You will have asked yourself this question at least once in your life and, perhaps, you will have also given yourself the answer. Beyond the pleasure in doing one job rather than another, the key reason is - and it is useless to deny it - the salary that gets paid to us at the end of the month. This bank transfer allows us to live, pay bills, buy clothes and, in many cases, start a family. But while for the worker this remuneration is very important and a fundamental element in one's choice of an occupation, employers, at least some of them, do not think in quite the same way.

The subject of this story knows something about this. After returning from yet another job interview, a young woman decided to post a long, reflective note on social media about how some companies behave during the interview phase. Let's see what she said:

Maysun Valles, is a young woman who, in a video on TikTok, talks about her experience and describes at length about how some companies operate and about the behavior of those in charge of personnel selection.

Maysun writes: "I really don't understand. There is a need for companies and personnel managers to realize that things are actually different from how they perceive them. I applied for a job, but I didn't know how much it paid - it wasn't specified in the advertisement, and the mistake was mine for applying without knowing this detail - but I'm not responsible for how the company thinks and acts".

According to her account, over the course of a few days, Maysun had participated in the selection of personnel for a company and everything seemed to be going well. The problem arose when, at the end of the interview, she was told how much she would earn. Maysun said: "The pay was low, too low. So when they asked me what I thought of the job, I pointed out my disappointment about the salary and that I would never accept the job under these conditions".

What did the interviewers say in reply to her? They acknowledged that the pay was low, but their interest was in hiring a person who was not just interested in mere money, but who rather wanted job satisfaction and praise. And it is precisely at this point that Maysun "lost her temper" and resorted to spilling her bile on TikTok.

Maysun stated in her post: "I don't know what world these people live in, but they really don't seem to know anything about an ordinary person's life. I live in the real world and, I have to pay for everything - I need money, not glory . Nobody chooses to need money, but that's just the way it is and we have to deal with it. We workers are certainly not the bad guys in this scenario just because we ask to be paid fairly for our work. No, this is not how the real world works. "


Of course, none of us beleive that money is the only motivation for taking a job. There is, of course, a strong interest and desire to do a job that is meaningful to us, but then the bills arrive and someone has to pay them. And only money can pay the bills, not some insipid "attaboy" award we got at work from a cynical, out-of-touch boss.

Many TikTok followers among the more than 2 million who viewed Maysun's video, agreed that many companies do not acknowledge reality (or rather, it suits them not to). Above all, most followers were on Maysun's side in arguing that rent, mortgages, groceries and all that is needed in a person's life are not paid for with just any piece of paper, but earning decent money is a vital part of being able to live a dignified life.

We hope, with all our heart, that Maysun's story can be an example and a lesson for those who, in the future, will set about looking to hire workers for their company. The workers, after all, ask for nothing more than a fair day's pay for a fair day's work.


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