"Make-up is for everyone, even for men":…
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"Make-up is for everyone, even for men": this guy proudly displays his make-up routine

March 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Make-up and cosmetics are usually reserved for females, who for centuries have tended to make themselves beautiful and improve their looks by resorting to using make-up. But why shouldn't men resort to the same solution? They also wake up with dark circles under their eyes or have skin imperfections. Why not let them start taking care of their bodies too by using make-up? Young TikToker, David Scibetta, offers just this advice on his social media channel, in an attempt to normalize the everyday use of make-up by men.

Even if the times are now "progressive and liberal" and are certainly different from the conservative past, it seems that people are still not yet ready to accept men using make-up. Yet, what harm is there in knowing how to use creams, concealers and hair straighteners - all with the aim of improving one's appearance? And let's face it, everyone would like to be beautiful and admired - there is no doubt about that. It seems, however, that there continue to be strong prejudices in this regard and that is why David Scibetta is trying to raise awareness about the issue on his social media network accounts.

The main message that David - who follows a very specific beauty routine - wants to convey is one in which he strongly affirms that "make-up is for everyone", and without the distinction of gender playing any part. We are not just talking about make-up either, but also about beauty products for the maintenance of one's appearance: anti-aging creams, shaving foam, hair straighteners and sprays, brushes, tweezers, etc... all to give that special touch to your face!


At the end of the day, it is mainly about everyone's wishes: if you feel the need to take care of your body and yourself, why not do it? And above all, why do people feel the need to criticize and offend those who simply want to look and feel better in themselves? No one will ever force a man or woman to wear make-up, but knowing that you are free to do so will surely be a great relief for many.

What do you think about this? To see David's videos, go to his TikTok account.


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