This young couple of sweethearts dress…
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This young couple of sweethearts dress and live as if they were still in the 1930s

September 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Many people happen to feel nostalgic for historical periods they've never lived in; it is a feeling that, today, involves some lifestyles of the past, including the clothes and makeup of the past. In England there is a couple of newly engaged young people who live as if it were in the 1930s: the clothes, hair, make-up and car they own are all vintage or original items, which Ruth and Robb collect and show off in their daily life. Not that this couple of future newlyweds renounces modernity, it is clear, but they both admit that they feel more comfortable in these "vintage" clothes rather than with more modern clothes. Outdoor camping, vintage clothes, a mustache, a pipe, a bicycle and even a vintage car help to make their daily personal "historical reconstruction" even more realistic.

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But where does this passion for vintage come from? They both explained it very clearly and their initiation couldn't be more different! For Robert Oestmann it all started when he was very young and he watched his mother collect antiques: "My mother collected a lot of antiques, so I think my love for this style comes from her. I also love old movies and I would always watch them with my grandmother. I like to visit museums and historic railways to learn about their history. I feel good when I do these activities in historical clothes."

What motivated Ruth on this journey into the past, however, was initially all other things: "Up until the age of 16. I was a bit of a tomboy. I thought I wasn't very interested in clothes or makeup, and it suited me perfectly. Then, once, I tried 40s makeup at an event and found that I really liked the way it looked on me, it portrayed me in a way I had never tried before! And it all started from there, the make-up, then the clothes and hair a few years later, until, around the age of 20-21 when my style started to be what you see today!".


Both enjoy looking for clothes and objects in flea markets or second-hand clothing stores. They admit that it is often difficult to find something in their size, but that they generally don't go home empty handed. And then, the very act of searching for these objects is part of the journey they have chosen to undertake in this distant era!

"Sometimes you find something wonderful in a thrift store or, even, it's given to you by someone who has inherited it and doesn't use it," explained Ruth enthusiastically.

When they walk arm in arm, people on the street look at them, but they are always positive looks. There are those who ask them to take a picture with them and some children, with amazed eyes, ask Ruth if she is going to a dance: “Our appearance amuses people (...). Sometimes they stop us to ask us if they can take a picture, especially when we go out together. Every now and then the children on the street or on the bus ask me if I'm going to a dance, which is wonderful. Sometimes I say yes just to see their enthusiastic faces”.

We wish a splendid future to this couple of sweethearts!


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