18 vintage photos show how our grandparents…
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18 vintage photos show how our grandparents looked like actors from another era

July 04, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How many times have you gotten lost looking at old photos of your parents or grandparents? Getting lost in the memories of the past, even if they may not have been experienced firsthand, is often a way to rediscover the habits and customs of the past. We have been used to observing our grandparents when they were already at an advanced age and, for this reason, we cannot easily imagine their appearance when they were only twenty years old. Still, our grandparents were once beautiful! Just look at some vintage photos to notice the abysmal difference between the present day and those of the past. The features, fashions and customs have changed over the years, but what is certain is that our grandparents retained a simple and natural beauty that, today, is increasingly difficult to find in young people.

We have collected some vintage photos for you, to immerse you a little in the nostalgia for the past!

1. What a beautiful couple!

 As the member who posted this photo online writes: "My grandfather, a Jewish man, who fought in World War II and the Korean War, in his uniform, along with the love of his life: my grandmother."

2. "I always thought my grandparents were a fantastic couple!"


3. "My beautiful Mexican grandmother!"

4. "My grandfather in 1974...he was 17 years old!"

image: Reddit/Hinjon

We are used to seeing our grandparents in old age, but, of course, they too were once young, beautiful and definitely very athletic! 

5. "My parents on their honeymoon in 1954"


6. Such style!

The member who posted this photo admitted how beautiful and well dressed her ex-husband's grandparents were, in the 1940s!

7. "My grandparents at their wedding in 1955"


8. In the 1950s, in India

 "No, in case you were wondering: my grandparents weren't Bollywood stars!" - is the comment from the grandson of this beautiful couple.

9. Grandparents enjoying life in the 1950s

If you are thinking that the man vaguely resembles Christian Bale, you are not the only one. 


10. "My great grandmother when she was 20: beautiful!"

11. At day at the beach...

12. My young grandfather in the fifties

13. They look like actors!

 Ready to make a film?

14. "The day my grandparents became engaged"

 They look very determined: no one can come between us!

15. Holiday time in 1955

 Some lightheartedness times from the fifties.

16. "My paternal grandparents in South Korea, in 1966"

17. In the middle of the fifties!

18. "What style my grandfather had!"

Doesn't he remind you of a young Clark Gable? 


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