Teacher becomes friends with her students:…
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Teacher becomes friends with her students: when she gets engaged and tells them, they go wild with joy (+ VIDEO)

July 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Going to school does not only mean learning things and enriching one's cultural background. Of course, getting a good education is one of the most important things and every student needs to bed prepared to face the future with knowledge and maturity. But personal preparation also means dealing with relationships. Establishing relationships between peers or even with slightly older people is always important, especially when it comes to character formation.

The teacher we want to talk to you about here knows this very well. She is a professional who has been able to create a beautiful relationship with her students - to the point of telling them about her life and about the marriage proposal she has just received. Let's find out together how the deep the bond is with the students of the institute where she works.

Elise Makowski is a teacher working at Framington High School in Massachusetts. At the beginning of her career, the woman would never have imagined that she could form very close relationships with her students and go beyond the classic teacher-student interactions. Encouraged by the behavior of the students - who have always found her to be a person they can confide in and discuss their problems with -  Elise slowly opened up to them and started talking about her personal life.

"Deciding to talk about my personal life," said the teacher "was a way to get more familiar with my students. I felt they needed to. They wanted to talk, discuss matters and let themselves go, and I made myself available to them" . So Elise also started talking about herself and about her partner, Josh Silvia. So, when after eight years of going steady, he gave her an engagement ring, the teacher immediately wanted to tell her students all about it.

"They had followed our relationship for years, so it was right to share the moment with them - but I had to find the best way to tell them," stated the teacher. One day, she finally decided to do it and also to video a small clip that she later posted on her Instagram profile. The video shows the teacher displaying her finger with the ring on it and the students, initially baffled, exulting with happiness when they realize what had happened to their favorite teacher.

Leaping, smiling and excited, the students can hardly hold back the tears of emotion. This was a surprise for them and was a joy they wanted to share with someone who had become so special to them. Not only was Elise their teacher, but was also a friend they could confide in and someone with whom they could share all their good and bad moments with.


What do you think of this teacher-student relationship?


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