She states her wedding vows using sign…
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She states her wedding vows using sign language - her in-laws are deaf

February 15, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The wedding day is undoubtedly among the most important ever for a couple who decides to take the plunge. Everything must be perfect that day. Everything must go smoothly and must reflect the joint will of the newlyweds. Marriage, intended as a religious or civil ceremony and later the reception, are also unique moments, in which emotion flows abundantly and it is easy to be moved by deeds, words, and speeches that characterize a truly unforgettable day for everyone, guests and spouses.

A special day was also the one that marked the wedding of Kelsey and Michael Kulick; his parents are deaf and for this reason they communicate with their child and with others only through sign language; Kelsey, however, has never learned this language, but for the most important day of her life she decided to commit, take private lessons and learn sign language so that even her in-laws could experience the moment with total emotion during the exchange of wedding vows.

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Pubblicato da Kelsey Kulick su Lunedì 10 gennaio 2022

The girl first talked about her idea with Michael, her future husband, then he completely forgot the suggestion and then she turned to one of the boy's aunts - who was married to a deaf person. Practically, on the day of the wedding, the only ones to be aware of the big surprise that awaited them were Kelsey, Michael's aunt, and the photographer Chandler Smith  - who then took care of publishing clips to his TikTok profile of the sweet i exchange of the wedding vows declared by the bride through using sign language.


Michael, still surprised and excited by this unique and unexpected moment, said: "It took me a second to really understand that she was actually reciting her vows using sign language. All my emotions hit me at once and I couldn't contain myself. I thought it was a really sweet thing. It was probably the most special moment of the wedding indeed, apart from the fact that we got married and became husband and wife. Of course, my parents agree too. It was a very special moment for them! "

Kelsey, delighted by how well her surprise was received, said after the wedding: "Looking ahead, I definitely want to express myself fluently in sign language because one, I want to be able to communicate with my family, but I also want my kids to be able to communicate with them too. I want our family as a whole to be able to communicate without barriers! "

You can see the video of the emotional moment on photographer Chandler Smith's TikTok page.


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