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A poor guy hugs his little dog after performing in front of a traffic light: he was heartbroken and desperate

We leave the house every day, cross city streets full of unknown people and, among all these, even those apparently "invisible" to us, there are those who are there on the side of the road in the cold…

He studies by the streetlight after finishing the evening shift: between school and work, he doesn't have time to do it at home

That the economic crisis we are experiencing is putting a strain on everyone is a more than certain fact, but those who are really suffering from the lack of a steady job are the younger generations,…

They're expecting another child and decide to get rid of their pit bull to make room in the house

How can some people just abandon their pets? How can they treat them as if they were toys without feelings, without a soul? How do they look in the mirror after doing such a horrible thing? As much as…

Her 5-year-old autistic daughter utters her first ever word: Mom bursts into tears

A child's first words are important, and parents often take tremendous pride when they hear their child say "mom" or "dad" for the first time. Parents of children with non-verbal autism, however, already…

"Mom, I want it!": A child's desperate cry to his mother because he would like to adopt a kitten he found in the street

The emotional bond that is established between a child and a four-legged friend can be unique, moving and extraordinary; it is no coincidence that we say pets are great company for kids who are only children…

There is light at the end of the tunnel: 16 shots that have restored our trust in humanity

Despite everything, there is still so much beauty in the world, beauty that is expressed in the small daily gestures of generosity, in the indissoluble bond that can be created between a child and a parent,…

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