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A poor father cries for joy when he finds a teddy bear in the garbage: "I'll give it to my daughter"

The best dad in the world? Maybe he doesn't exist in reality, or perhaps all the fathers who live on this planet are the best in the world for their own children. Or perhaps Azri Walter, an Indian woman…

The heartwarming image of a woman with dementia in her husband's arms: she remembers nothing but feels safe

Being lucky enough to share your life with a special person, who we know will stay with us forever no matter what happens, does not happen for everyone. There are those who, after years of marriage and…

A 17-year-old dad finds himself raising his daughter alone after he is abandoned by his parents and his partner

Having a child is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to us in life, but raising one alone, without anyone's help, can prove to be a rather difficult mission. The guy in this true story knows…

This faithful poodle does not accept that his mistress is no longer here and visits her grave every day

The relationship that is created between a dog and its owner is a bond of friendship, solidarity and love that goes far beyond any other type of relationship imaginable. Especially if the dog in question…

At 21 months he was severely scarred on the face by two dogs: now his peers call him "monster" in public

There is nothing more traumatizing for a very young child than being brutally attacked by one or more dogs and being seriously injured; sometimes, there is no escape. This is something that Brittany Wells…

A millionaire donated his entire fortune to charity after 38 years of secret philanthropy

In 1982 he founded a philanthropic organization with a news blackout to all media, and now, almost 40 years later, this 89-year-old man has succeeded in his ultimate goal: he has donated his entire fortune…

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