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She only has $20 to spend on shoes for his son, but a generous man offers to buy them for him

Parenting in times of economic crisis can be really hard work. Doing a full-time job that can allow mom or dad (or both) to be able to bring bread into the house, be able to feed the children and make…

A young girl gives her clothes to a bullied classmate: "They targeted her because she didn't dress in fashion"

Being bullied in school is very common in all school grades. Every year there are many young people who decide to abandon their studies in order not to hear the criticisms and teasing from their classmates.…

He gives three bags full of clothes to a bullied classmate - he had no money to buy new clothes

Bullying is truly one of the most terrible plagues afflicting our society; the older generations, but also the new one, seem not to be completely exempt. Usually, bullying against the weakest people takes…

"I clean my room, wash the dishes and dust": the appeal from a 6-year-old boy who would like to be adopted

In the world there are many children who are born and immediately find themselves forced to face a very different reality from the one they should enjoy. Many children, in fact, grow up without parents…

Homeless woman who lived in her car is hired by a shop: now, no one can do without her anymore

You should never judge a book by its cover; a saying that applies not only to texts but also to people; in short, very often appearances can be deceiving even though we are convinced that some individuals…

They don't realize that her son is sick and leave a hate note on the car parked in the disabled space

How many times have you driven around in circles before finding a good parking space? Especially in big cities, parking your car can become a real problem. The most uncivilized people will have no qualms…

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