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Nobody responds to an invitation to attend an 8 year old's birthday party: strangers give her an unforgettable party

All children, without exception, deserve a birthday party with loads of friends and colorful balloons. Given this, it's always a blow to the heart when no one shows up at a child's birthday party, or…

Father meets his son for the first time: he had been sent to prison for 12 years before his child was born

Sometimes mistakes can be made that have dire consequences and can impact one's life forever. Unfortunately, one doesn't always have the maturity to understand when something is right or wrong, nor…

Infant with cerebral palsy walks and hugs his twin brother for the first time

The bond between brothers is something magical and indescribable that can be the source of real miracles: twins Lex and Lochlan are a prime example of this. These two infants were born extremely premature…

Adopted as a child, this man reunites with his biological family after 66 years thanks to his daughter

Very often we underestimate the importance of having our family by our side. Despite disagreements, differences in character and the jealousies that can develop in certain situations, being able to say…

Man sees someone on TV who looks like him and has the same surname: he discovers he has a brother

Sometimes life confronts us with such bizarre coincidences, it can lead us to believe in the existence of a "predetermined fate". This story is a clear example of this. On an ordinary day, Mr. Randy…

4-year-old girl sends a letter to her deceased father: she receives a response and a gift from him

When a loved one passes away, one can find one's self catapulted into a different world and can often find it hard to deal with everyday life. The days change, habits change and the absence of a father,…

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