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A man with cancer and his dog die within one hour of each other

Daniel Hove lived a pretty extraordinary life. He served for many years in the United States Air Force and was also the head of Minneapolis's Fire Department. Perhaps more extraordinary than Daniel's…

A woman scatters the ashes of her beloved dog in her favorite park: his figure appears to appear in the photo

Losing a dog that we loved and cared for with all our hearts is a devastating experience, but the thought that these incredible animals always keep an eye on us from above helps to relieve pain. A feeling…

A puppy is abandoned on the roadside closed in a bag: a man saves him and finds a family for him

Human malice towards animals will never cease to exist; man is capable of so many atrocities against his four-legged friends that telling the events is always like a punch in the stomach. Imagine going…

Girl adopts a sick dog so he can spend his last days in peace: he seems to say "thank you" with his eyes

No stray dog should end his days alone, without water or food. He should have a roof under which to live and a loving family to take care of him. Yet the reality is different, many of the stray dogs that…

After 8 weeks on a ventilator, a dad is cured of Covid and returns in time for his son's birthday

A beautiful fairy tale with a happy ending happened to this splendid family of four from Essex, England. The father of the family, Omar Taylor, was hospitalized because of the Coronavirus and for 8 weeks…

A man gets hospitalized after contracting the Coronavirus: his dogs waits outside the hospital for days

Sometimes dog's go to such great lengths to show their owner just how loyal they are to them that some of the stories we share on here are almost unbelievable. Sometimes their love for us even surpasses…

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