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A lost dog went to his vet to ask for help and was returned home

Animals can make us smile, move us, but they also know how to leave us speechless. Their resourcefulness demonstrates how smart they are and what they can do in case of need. These abilities are gifts…

12 pet dogs that demonstrated their love for their owners in the sweetest ways possible

Whoever has a dog in their possession knows exactly what we're talking about when we say they are the best at loving us. Obviously, they are also a lot of work (we have to water/feed them, discipline…

Doctors were skeptical about their survival at birth: today they are still friends and have graduated

Every day, in virtually every area and context, statistics help people understand the world better. Percentages become the system for understanding the size of a problem, the extent of a result, the limits…

Wife and husband hold hands for the last time after 62 years together

These days, it's rare to hear about couples who've been together their entire lives. It's already a milestone if couples make it past the 5 or 10 year mark. Others, however, have found the secret to staying…

12 images so full of positivity that they might restore your faith in humanity

Life is hard for all of us. It's full of hardships and shortcomings, pain and suffering, sadness and anxieties, and moments that just seem to suck all the happiness away. Sometimes it's situations like…

Every evening he climbed up to the hospital window where his mother was hospitalized, to stay close to her until the end

Coronavirus knows no frontiers, ages, religions or any other barrier, and today there are many cases of contagion and death all over the world. From Palestine we get a very moving story that speaks of…

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