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At 12 years old a girl gives all the money she received for her birthday to a homeless man who returned a lost wallet to her grandmother

The change we crave so badly in the world could begin with one good deed which, however "small," certainly has a deeper meaning. And if we all committed ourselves to doing a good deed on a daily basis,…

A young man finally finds his homeless father on Christmas Day: he hadn't seen him for more than 10 years

Nowadays, there are many children and young people who witness the end of their parents' marriage. The resulting consequences for a teenager are not trivial: growing up without a father or mother figure…

He reaches graduation but his parents didn't show up: a young man bursts into tears before the ceremony

His university graduation day should have been one of the most joyful and important in the life of a willing and tenacious young man who, with a lot of passion and personal effort, managed to complete…

A 24-year-old son pays off his parents' mortgage: now the father can finally retire

A mortgage is one of the biggest expenses that families who buy a house have to bear. You work almost all your life to be able to pay it off, to finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the…

15 people share photos of their tattoos and reveal their hidden meaning

Every tattoo has a story but not everyone wants to share theirs: the question that those who have a tattoo just can't stand being asked is “what does it mean?”. The meaning of a tattoo is often not…

15 acts of selflessness and generosity that have helped to make our world a better place

In a world that becomes more and more complicated year after year, month after month, on a planet whose inhabitants are increasingly evil, indifferent, less altruistic and where self-centeredness rather…

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