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They became friends in the hospital and 4 years later they met again for a moving photo shoot!

There are stories that give hope, help us to trust in life, and make us think that in the end, anything is possible. Miracles sometimes happen, even more than one at a time, as in the case of four…

A 10-year-old autistic boy writes a poem about his condition and his words are very moving

The magic of poetry lies in the fact that, like music, it manages to touch the heartstrings of whoever reads it. In this way, they feel the same emotions as the person who composed the poem; almost…

This video will open your eyes to the reality that many children are forced to face every day ...

The short film titled, "Ian, a story that will open our eyes", talks about the true story of an Argentinian boy born with cerebral palsy, a disease that affects speech and mobility. The idea for the…

What would Christmas be without love? Here is one of the nicest Christmas videos ever created!

On the Internet, there is an advertising video clip for Christmas, produced by Erste Bank und Sparkasse, an Austrian banking institution, that has touched the hearts and minds of many viewers! In fact,…

After the death of my son, I learned 10 rules that every parent should follow

If there is a pain that everyone recognizes as one of the most terrible, it is the pain of a parent who survives the death of their child. Only those who have experienced it can know the feeling of helplessness…

The shop owner's wife is sick so his customers buy all his donuts early every morning so he can go back home

With the advent of large retailers and shopping centers, small business owners and shops, mostly family-run, are disappearing all over the world. In fact, many are closing or have no longer existed for…

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