Young girl has her last chemo session: her nurse does a "victory dance" with her

Mark Bennett

January 26, 2023

Young girl has her last chemo session: her nurse does a

When facing difficult periods in life, it's good to have people by your side who know how to cheer you up and support you. These people need not necessarily be a family member and sometimes, it is outsiders who provide the support.

The story we want to tell you about here is proof of this. This story is about a little girl with cancer and a nurse with a big heart.

via @aldisalealdi/Tik Tok


@aldisalealdi/Tik Tok

Daniel Yolan works as a nurse at a children's hospital in Buenos Aires and has become famous on the web for what he did for one of his little patients. Undergoing treatment at the facility, young Milena was battling cancer – and we all know how invasive and taxing these treatments can be – when she met Daniel.

Daniel immediately bonded with Milena in a special way. And their friendship deepened every day during Milena's treatment. So, on the day when Milena's chemotherapy sessions ended, Daniel, Milena and her mother performed an impromptu "victory dance" to celebrate the moment.

Shared on social media, a clip of Milena dancing with Daniel went viral on the internet. Daniel described the moment: "Milena's mum put on the music and we all started dancing together. For me, it is essential to have a friendly relationship with patients. It is a way to help them deal with their pain more efficiently. Us dancing like this represents the spirit of the field in which I work".

@aldisalealdi/Tik Tok

Having a positive attitude has been proven to help in the recovery of those that are ill. "Work is everything for me. Getting up and knowing I can do something for those who are less fortunate, fills me with joy," Daniel said.

We congratulate Daniel on his work ethic and wish little Milena all the best of luck for her future.