Motel owner makes his rooms available…
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Motel owner makes his rooms available to the homeless: "My father would be proud"

February 13, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

There are many people who have decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents and to continue the work started by them. In a sense, then, it is a sort of family inheritance - yet it is of enormous value to take care of the sacrifice that our father and mother made to allow us children to have everything we needed. In fact, when a child takes over the reins of the family business, it is as if he or she has put into practice a real act of love towards their parents. A bit like what Brian Arya, the subject of this beautiful story, is doing.

Brian Arya inherited the Lincoln Tunnel Motel from his father - a small hotel with rooms in New Jersey that the boy has willingly managed, even in the darkest period of our recent history, i.e. that of the pandemic. In fact, during this difficult time of lockdown, Brian decided to pay homage to the work done years earlier by his father in the family motel, making it a welcoming place for everyone, especially for those who during the months of the lockdown and isolation had no place to eat, sleep, or even live. In short, Brian has made some of his rooms available to the homeless of New Jersey.

According to what Brian shared on his TikTok profile, being a motel owner and manager was by no means the career path he had chosen for himself. In fact, the young man had always dreamed of becoming an actor, so before inheriting his father's business, he had worked hard as an employee within a company to be able to afford pursue an artistic career. But then the family difficulties came and Brian had to opt to run the motel management, and without giving up his generous, empathetic and supportive character. He said: "We are helping people in this way. One day I was thinking about how interesting it would be if we gave a free night to anyone who follows us on TikTok. And at that moment the pandemic broke out and most of the customers were then looking for a free room for people who did not have a home or were having financial difficulties. "


After this extraordinary gesture became famous on TikTok, Brian received the help of many users and simple acquaintances who approached him and made donations to offer more motel rooms for free to all those people who during the very hard months of the lockdown didn't know where to go. Brian explained, "Sometimes people would walk into my motel and they didn't want to rent a room for themselves but they just said, 'Hey, I'd like to rent and pay for a room to the next person in need.' All this has been incredible, now that some time has passed, we all know each other, I have made friends with these homeless people and together with them I have learned their stories. I feel really lucky! "

And what do you think of this extraordinarily generous gesture?


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