Music teacher recycles old violins to…
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Music teacher recycles old violins to pupils who cannot afford to buy a musical instrument

March 06, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Where there is passion there is also a great desire to change things for the better, to help others less fortunate than us and to instill in others our same sense of enthusiasm. And this is a bit like what elementary school teachers and professors do in most cases during their professions. They studied for years and years to get a specialized skill, and then they followed their personal vocation to transmit this talent to the upcoming generations. And this is just like what this very special 68 year old music teacher is doing...

This music teacher is called Juan Peralta - he is 68 years old and lives in Lima, the capital of Peru, and is a truly special teacher since he cares about his profession and the fate of his students a lot more than his other colleagues. This extraordinary teacher knows that many of his young students cannot afford to take his courses, so in 2012, he founded the association "Los Violines De San Juan", which offers free group violin lessons to students of the educational institution of San Juan de Miraflores.

The teacher also knows that poverty is an ever-growing social problem in Peru and that consequently many families of his young pupils cannot afford to easily buy a violin ,whose average cost is around $ 150 dollars. For this reason, Jesus Perlata had a brilliant, and at the same time very moving, idea to ensure no student on his course was without a musical instrument in their hands.

To accomplish this, Jesus decided to make new violins at very little cost, using only recycled material, such as plastic bottles, bottle tops and wooden plywood for the base frame of the musical instrument. In practice, to build these "scrap" violins would only take the equivalent of about $ 20 dollars - a negligible amount compared to the price for professional musical instruments available in music stores. By doing this, this extraordinary and brilliant music teacher has guaranteed each of his little students a violin, and they are now ready to play with him and learn to become professional violinists in the future... well, after all, you never know!


As Jesus Peralta said, "When you love music, there should be no obstacles preventing you from enjoying it. What I am doing, I do solely for my students."

These are extraordinary words that should be a guide to every teacher in the world who wants to pass on their passion to the new generations but does not know how to do it. They can certainly take the example of Jesus Peralta and his violins made with recycled materials!


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