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Before and after pregnancy: these 9 photos describe movingly what it means to give birth to a child

Although it may seem frightening and certainly also painful, giving birth to a child is probably one of the strongest and most significant experiences a woman can ever have. Not everyone feels the desire…

10 emotional shots that show all the strength of a gesture of kindness

Maybe we don't think about it often, but very little is needed to make someone happy. Whether he is a friend, a relative, a loved one or, why not, an animal, our love and our altruism are very powerful…

Husband and wife find the first photo they took together and recreate it 50 years later

The summer of 1968 was particularly a hot one, but that didn't stop a million young Americans from going to one of the most important music festivals in Rock history. It was the festival of Woodstock…

13 photos of fantastic dads who take care of their children in their own way

A father is a fundamental figure in a child's life and his role has evolved greatly with the passing of the ages. As a parent, as well as the mother, a dad represents the glue in the construction of the…

17 cats who look like they could be in a "Ripley's Believe It or Not" book

Cat lovers adore cats so much that you would never hear them say they've seen an ugly cat. They might admit to having their favorite breeds, but we all do. Some cat breeds are, let's face it, objectively…

15 people who challenged themselves to lose weight and have lost so much that they are almost unrecognizable

When you put on your mind to lose weight, you are aware of going through an important and tiring challenge. Going on a diet is not a walk in the park, much less enrolling in the gym - not everyone has…

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