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This young couple of sweethearts dress and live as if they were still in the 1930s

Many people happen to feel nostalgic for historical periods they've never lived in; it is a feeling that, today, involves some lifestyles of the past, including the clothes and makeup of the past. In…

18 vintage photos show how our grandparents looked like actors from another era

How many times have you gotten lost looking at old photos of your parents or grandparents? Getting lost in the memories of the past, even if they may not have been experienced firsthand, is often a way…

Ready for retirement: 15 people who as children looked like middle-aged ladies

If you ask any grown-ups if they would like to go back in time, most would say yes. Today's adults would gladly exchange their daily life full of tasks and problems with the much more carefree one of…

When genetics mixes up the cards: 15 sensational examples in which there seems to be no kinship

At the birth of a child, all relatives, first and foremost the parents, expect the little one to have certain distinctive traits rather than others. It would be an understatement to imagine that genetics…

The "behind the scenes" of the most beautiful photos on social media: 17 tricks used to create terrific shots

Let's face it: we all want to look more beautiful than what we usually are and it's normal, in this regard, to try to improve yourself with a good haircut or a more fashionable outfit. What's different…

"How beautiful my grandmother was when she was young": 17 photos to remind us of all the charm of a passed generation

Grandparents are very important figures in a child's life and, often, they also end up replacing their parents. The large age difference with grandchildren means that the perception that one has of grandparents…

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