Woman loses her camera in a river: 13 years later, it is found and returned

by Mark Bennett

April 26, 2023

Woman loses her camera in a river: 13 years later, it is found and returned

Photographs are important because they allow us to preserve precious moments and memories that we might otherwise forget. They look like simple images, but they can actually evoke strong emotions, convey messages and tell stories without words at just a glance.

Coral Elise Amayi knows this very well. Coral is a young American woman who loves to preserve her precious moments by taking lots of photographs. When Coral lost her digital camera in the Colorado river while she was on a boat trip with her friends about 13 years ago, she was heartbroken - not least because the camera contained wedding photos of her best friend.

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So the camera saga unfolds. I lost the camera at Smelter rapid and the guy who found it said that it was 1.2 miles downriver. Just did an interview with Fox new out of Denver so stay posted for the news story.

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"The small cable that connected the lanyard to the flotation device on the camera broke off," she said. Despite her sadness at loss of all her photos of her friend's bachelorette, bridal shower and wedding photos, Coral never thought she would see her camera again.

More than a decade later, a man named Spencer Greiner found the camera while fishing in the Animas River, and after discovering that the memory card still worked, he set out to find the owner: "I was amazed that I was still able to read the SD card! When I saw that the photos were from a wedding and a bridal shower, I thought it might be worth trying to find the owner," he commented.


Someone just found the camera I lost in the Animas in 2010 and they were able to upload the photos and took the time to find the people in the photos!! I freaking love Durango.

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Spencer shared a few of the photos on Facebook, and within one hour, the groom at the wedding left a comment on the post, directed to Coral. "I couldn't believe I was able to find someone in the photos so quickly," Spencer explained. Although the camera was destroyed, all the photos were perfectly preserved on the SD memory card.

Coral said she was thrilled to see the old photos and thanked Spencer for bringing back some fond memories for her. "People who take the time to help find the owner of a lost item make the world a better place. It takes a little effort, but the reward of seeing the gratitude is priceless," Coral said.

It's amazing to see how a small gesture like publishing a Facebook post can have a big impact in people's lives!