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She spent £ 20,000 on plastic surgery because she wants to find a boyfriend, but has still been single for years

We all go through, to a greater or lesser extent, moments when we feel uncomfortable with our body. We may have felt ugly and unlovable during our teenage years, and feared we had no hope of finding a…
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She is 32 years old and addicted to cosmetic surgery: she spent £1600 to have the world's biggest cheekbones

There are some people who will never be satisfied with their appearance. This is a fairly common sensation, which may prevail more in some periods and less in others, perhaps, but which, usually, is never…
Absurd Stories Wtf

A bridesmaid refuses her wedding invitation after the bride asks her to go from a size 44 to a 40

On your wedding day you would like to spend an unforgettable day, perfectly smooth, without any unexpected events. It would be nice to be able to ensure your daughter or friend a fairytale wedding, but…

A couple are criticized for offering a different buffet depending on the wedding gift: "Spend more, eat better"

When a couple decide to get married it's clear that, in addition to the ceremony, they will have to think about the reception: where to do it, when and, above all, what to offer to the guests who have…

A mother was harshly criticized for giving her baby daughter a manicure

It is impossible to remain indifferent when faced with the photos published by a mother in which her daughter's hand is shown with very long nails, perfectly filed and with nail polish applied on top,…

15 photos of people who should reconsider what it means to have good taste

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", we have all heard this phrase before. Tastes are subjective, and so far nothing new. Everyone has happened to buy something, convinced that it was the best thing…
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