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"Mind your own business": after this rebuke, a grandfather does not warn his neighbor that the police are impounding his car

It is not easy to deal with neighbors, especially if they are unfriendly or hostile, but you cannot force people to get along. Problems can arise from almost anything: the color of the fence, noise late…
Absurd Stories Wtf

Tenant leaves 3 tons of garbage in the house and tells the landlord to keep his £ 400 deposit: "You'll need it"

There are a thousand reasons why a person lets themself go to such an extent that they can no longer even superficially clean their house, and most of these reasons are usually related to mental health…
Absurd Stories Wtf

Man gives his girlfriend a ring worth nearly £ 1,300 ($1,600), but for her, it is a big disappointment: "It's too small and cheap"

What is the moment that many women look forward to in their lives the most? There are many that it could be, it is true, but among these we would certainly expect to find the moment of the engagement…
Stories Women Wtf

"I haven't shampooed my hair for 6 years and it doesn't fall out anymore"

If women suffer from the horror of putting on a extra pounds and developing cellulite, men's worst nightmare is definitely baldness: losing one’s hair is an experience that can be very traumatic, especially…
Absurd Hair Wtf

Son is furious when he finds out that his mother made his pregnant girlfriend sleep on the floor

It is said that there can only be bad blood between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law, but of course this is not some immutable law of nature: it all depends on the people you meet and certainly does…
Absurd Family Wtf

Woman exchanges messages with a stranger, decides to meet him and at the appointment, she discovers that he is her father-in-law

In recent times, dating and chat applications have become a very popular way in which to meet single men and women. Whether it's for fun, to meet your soul mate or for a little extra-marital shenanigans,…

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