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Social media vs. reality: 15 fun photos…
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Social media vs. reality: 15 fun photos show "behind the scenes" of some terrific shots

November 21, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Professional photographers know every single trick of the trade to be able to get the best results and give the whole world  magical and  amazong shots. Sometimes it takes a bit of inventiveness and a lot of practice to overcome certain obstacles, but a passionate photographer is willing to get involved in order to succeed in their job. If this is true for those who have made (or want to make) a career in photography, it is even more true for those who nowadays use social media to have a maximum visibility in the world. There are many influencers, or photographers who pass themselves off as professionals, resorting to every possible stratagem to give the impression of having truly lived the moment they had the pleasure of photographing. In many cases, in fact, it is pure fiction. In these photos we want to reveal "behind the scenes" of some popular shots on the internet ... look what's really going on!

1. When you are single and you invent these tricks to show that there is at least one woman in your life

2. "Girls, belly in and hold your breath for a while ... done? Ok now we can relax and have a drink"

image: Reddit

3. As you can see, this photo was anything but spontaneous

4. Even if they were shot at two different times, all of this shows how Photoshop is a great invention

5. Taking a good photo takes a lot of effort

image: Ytimg

6. Perfection doesn't exist ... but you can use clips like these!

7. The right angle works wonders ...


8. The truth is, it's decidedly cold!

image: Instagram

9. My beautiful cat vs my everyday cat


10. This guy must be a champion at holding his breath ...

11. When creativity is everything ...

12. Maybe she wanted to fool someone in particular ...

3. Sometimes you just need to get your hands dirty ... and carve a pumpkin

14. A truly fascinating psychedelic effect

5. Nice picture, right? All thanks to a colander!

image: Instagram

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