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18 expensive pairs of shoes that we…
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18 expensive pairs of shoes that we thought no one would ever have the guts to make

By Alison Forde

How much are you willing to pay for a pair of shoes? Although they are an essential commodity that over the years must be purchased over and over again, depending on the wearer, there are some designs which have staggering prices. Yet a pair of shoes should first and foremost be comfortable, not hurt, and also pleasing to the eye. Too often, however, the comfort and utility of a product are sacrificed in the name of beauty. Beauty that, just as often, seems to be somewhat questionable. It almost seems almost incredible, but there are people willing to pay thousands of dollars for hideous looking shoes that are virtually impossible to wear! Check out this photo list if you don't believe it:

1. The "perfect" shoe for trampling on the dreams of others ... quite uncomfortable!

2. Well, what about this... a sandal with tentacles is definitely original!


3. Cinderella, step aside ...

image: Imgur

4. On exactly which planet are these shoes in fashion?

image: Reddit

5. With these shoes you can go in both directions at the same time


6. It's pretty unclear how anyone can walk in these shoes ...

7. "Dolphins are in this year!" ... but won't it be a bit too much?


8. Punk Croc: to let your feet breathe in summer

9. For animal lovers ...


10. In a cat walk show ... simply chilling!

11. Terrifying!

12. A considerable weight to bear ...

13. When you want to live your life in the wildest luxury ... and choose these shoes instead

14. When you don't know which shoes to wear today and decide to wear them all

15. When you are stuck in 2020 but in reality you already live in 3050

16. Noodles for dinner?

17. They only produce these in Florida

18. You can fill them with your favorite snack ... disgusting!

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