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16 people who thought they were in fashion…
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16 people who thought they were in fashion but whose clothes were in bad taste

November 14, 2020 • By Alison Forde

"Evach to his own tastes" - it is true, no one would ever want to judge the preferences of others and nor clip the wings of creativity, but it is true that some people wear bizarre clothes to say the least! It is not so much the fact of being weird that makes them stand out, but perhaps their objective ugliness and unsuitability in the context. Women with excessively short shorts, men with unlikely boots and t-shirts that not even a 6-year-old would dare to wear. All of this can be seen in the following photo list, where these 16 people believed they were extremely fashionable and on trend. And instead...

1. A new sheriff has arrived in town ...

image: Imgur

2. Ok, this is a badly designed dress ...


3. I'm sure they will be very comfortable ...

image: Reddit

4. Incredibley, on this hair band there are not only 2 pigeons ... but also their droppings

5. A bad choice of pattern on these shorts


6. A ring with a tooth set in it, made by hand. It is certainly well done, but what a horror show!

7. "I'm walking on dolphins, uh-uhhhh!"


8. This is a really detailed and well made bag ... but yuck!

9. A handbag. We sincerely hope it was just done with Photoshop ...


10. These jeans are really cute, and when you wear them you are practically naked

11. Difficult to even to conceive of

12. A bandana wasn't enough?

image: Reddit

13. Here we are faced with an impeccable realization of "slippers that look like their owner's dogs", but the question is always the same: "Why?"

14. Parma ham knee jeans never go out of fashion... do they?

15. They call it high fashion ...

16. BONUS: When you make your clothes by recycling blue IKEA bags and you feel super glamorous

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