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"Monkey tail" beards are very popular:…
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"Monkey tail" beards are very popular: 16 examples that left us dumbfounded

January 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A beard is a very distinctive look and many men let it grow in an attempt to improve their appearance. There are those who like it and those who consider it a distinquishing trait in men who care little about their look. In reality, beards have now taken hold among young people and adults, who love to indulge themselves with the strangest lengths and shapes. As with hair, in fact, there are many ways to wear a mustache and beard, but perhaps the style we want to talk about in this article will leave you somewhat dumbfounded: the "monkey tail" beard. You got it right: a decidedly bizarre trend, so called because one gets the impression that a monkey has placed its tail on a man's face. Get ready for the photos ...

1. Well? What do you think?

image: Imgur

2. This monkey tail beard continues to take hold among young people ...


3. What's amazing is the precision and perfection with which this bizarre look is created

image: Reddit

4. "Let's say it was a phase in my life"

5. "I was thinking of giving myself a new look for my birthday: what do you think?"


6. A monkey-tail beard and a half handlebar mustache: what can I say, this man isn't lacking in personality ...

7. He also did a painstaking job with dye ...


8. Presented from the right angle it doesn't even look that bad ...

9. For some, maybe it's the right look


10. If he were a wanted man, he would have a hard time blending in with that beard

11. "I just discovered this new monkey tail beard: how do I look?"

image: Imgur

12. But exactly how did you think you would be more glamorous with this type of beard?

13. The monkey-tailed beard with a surprise ending

image: Imgur

14. He's still wondering if this look will really catch on

15. We can't say that it's not original

16. There are also those who dare to wear even more sophisticated designs ...

image: Pinterest
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