19 men who found a certain charm by…
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19 men who found a certain charm by growing a beard

January 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Beards can now be considered as real "accessories" for many men. Almost like make-up for women, a beard can, in many cases "camouflage" and even make the faces of some men much more seductive. It's clear that charm cannot depend exclusively on whether that man wears a beard or not and, moreover, it is not always a look that works on everyone 100%. Many people, in fact, prefer a smooth and hairless face, as a symbol of cleanliness and care of their own well groomed body. Beyond the prejudices, today, there are many men who try to grow a beard to improve and add a more mature touch to their appearance. Do you think that these 19 people have succeeded?

1. Ten months later he looks like a completely different person!

2. There's no comparison between what he was like before and now!

image: Imgur

3. A beautiful transformation: is he as happy afterwards as he was in the first photo?

4. This beard added an extra touch of class

5. Now he looks like a more serious and mature man, but also a lot happier!

image: Imgur

6. He decided not to look like a boy anymore ...

7. It's never too late to grow a beard and acquire new charm!

image: Imgur

8. Guys, it's not just about the beard here ...

9. the results after 9 months ...


10. A perfect choice of style!

11. Which version do you prefer?

12. Before he looked like a child ...

13. Now he definitely has more personality!

14. When you have a slightly weak chin, a beard can be the right solution!

image: Reddit

15. Viking Version vs. Knight version

16. This guy has an amazing beard now!

17. He's happier with a beard ...

18. A beard can change you from "boy" to "man"

19. What do you say, did he make a mistake in shaving his beard off?

image: Imgur

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