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17 photos of pets who can melt even…
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17 photos of pets who can melt even thehardest of hearts

January 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

They have four legs or sometimes fewer, they do not have the gift of speech but they know how to convey with a single glance all their affection and love towards their favorite humans; they are our pets, our true faithful companions in our daily lives. These very important creatures are so special that they can change life for the better for the people who decide to bring them into their homes as real family members. We dare you not to be moved by these gorgeous furry friends!

I found him whimpering in front of my house last Friday: now he's practically a member of the family!

Happy 15th birthday old boy!


Every morning, they greet each other like this!

I just saved him from the street: now he has nothing more to fear!

My dog is so cute he looks like a stuffed toy!


My kitty was having a particularly Zen moment!

He's only one year old but he grows more and more beautiful with each passing day!

image: Reddit

Hi everyone, I'm 17 but I'm still very, very cute!

A completely irresisible fur ball!

image: Reddit

Don't you want to cuddle him and tell him that everything will be okay ...?

Look at him ... he loves resting on my arm like this!

image: Reddit

Don't bother me, I'm busy growing!

image: Reddit

Hello human, may I disturb you?

image: eriio/Reddit

The best photo I've ever taken of my dog ... and its cartoon equivalent!

How I love it when he falls asleep sitting up!

How could I be mad at what he did when he looks at me with those sweet eyes?

When he hears the magic words: "Dinner is ready!"

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