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Her husband cheated on her with an engaged…
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Her husband cheated on her with an engaged woman: years later, she marries his lover's ex-fiance

By Alison Forde

Have you ever been the victim of an unexpected betrayal? If your answer is yes, you know very well that the first reaction is one of total upheaval; you could not have imagined that your partner could do such a thing to you behind your back, you blame yourself for not having tried hard enough in the relationship, but in the end you know very well that the fault is theirs and only theirs. Yet sometimes being cheated on in a relationship can have unexpected and surprising implications ...

It's one thing that Carly Beth Webber can testify to, a woman who was the victim of an ignoble betrayal by her husband and who then lived an experience bordering on the absurd in which it seems that fate has played its cards very well. This is Carly's account in her own words:

"It all started with a pomegranate, a pomegranate and a stack of chocolate bars. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would meet a man who was willing to turn his life upside down to take care of me and my three very young children. He handed me a stack of chocolate bars to stock the refrigerator in my new, tiny one-bedroom apartment, and a pomegranate because he said, "Pomegranates are good to eat."

In my 3oth year in the midst of all of this, I had discovered that my ex-husband had been in a relationship for about a year. Divorce was a word I never thought would be in my vocabulary and just the idea of this made me feel like I was drowning. The emotional pain of rejection and the fear of what it meant for my future and my children's future was a heavier burden than my broken heart could bear. There were days when I believed it would finish me, but it didn't.

I was convinced that no one would ever want a divorced, thirty-something, single mother of three and that I would be alone forever. How could there be a life after this?


In the following days we moved to a one bedroom apartment. It was awful and wonderful at the same time. Over time, the children were learning to live the life of children from a one parent family, and it wasn't an easy fit for any of us.

I go back to the pomegranate. The woman my ex-husband was having an affair with was engaged. That man showed up for us, took care of us and helped us even though he owed us nothing. He showed up with the shopping. He showed up with moving boxes. He showed up with ice cream. And he showed up with his broken heart. Our friendship grew rapidly, in that desperate moment we were both living through. He showed up day after day, but of all the days he showed up, my favorite by far was the day he showed up with the pomegranate and the chocolate bars. A little cheer to help in what was such a painful time for me and my broken family.

I had never met a man so willing to give and give with humility, never worrying about getting repaid. So I did what any reasonable girl would do. I fell in love with him.

Just 6 months after he gave me the pomegranate, he gave me a ring and today we celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. The words he said that day, as his knee touched the ground, were the best words I have ever heard: 'I love you and I love your children. I want to spend the rest of my life with you guys. ' My eldest son accompanied me down the aisle and his youngest accompanied him down the aisle while my daughter threw rose petals from her basket in front of us.

We have since had a baby girl, who is a daily reminder of all the light that can come from the darkest places. All this happiness would not have been possible without the man who saved us.

Now I help other women who are going through the same thing, sharing my story and supporting them along the way. As painful as it is to talk about divorce, in those days I didn't think I'd ever be okay, but I know there's a woman out there who feels that way right now.


But I can tell you that there is hope and there is life, even on the other side of a divorce and I want to share that hope with others who are in that black home right now. There is hope and joy ahead of you, believe it or not. I'll believe it for you on the days when you can't.

Just when all hope seemed lost was actually the moment we were finding each other and I will never see a pomegranate with the same eyes again and will be eternally grateful for the amazing story God has written for me. And I'm sure, he's writing one for you too."


A touching and positive testimony for all those women who have gone through or are going through a divorce or betrayal: there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel, believe it!


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