Woman goes out to dinner and discovers a painting of her mother in the restaurant: it had been stolen years earlier (+VIDEO)

Mark Bennett

January 30, 2023

Woman goes out to dinner and discovers a painting of her mother in the restaurant: it had been stolen years earlier (+VIDEO)

Every family has an extensive history on which it is based, and it's nice to know that sentimental, precious heirlooms  are handed down from generation to generation within a family. Sometimes, these are very ancient, valuable or beloved objects and it is important to ensure that they do not end up in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, sometimes this does happen.

The subject of this story knows all about this. Completely unexpectedly, she managed to get back one of the most beautiful things she had ever owned. Read on to find out more:



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This story all started at a dinner shared with friends at a restaurant in Dallas, America. On an ordinary day, Katy Ryan, went to the Bowen House restaurant for a meal with friends. While seated, Katy sensed something strange.

"It was a very strange feeling. It was like feeling a presence from the past or something familiar sitting next to me," Katy described. But apart from a painting being nearby her seat, there was nothing clearly amiss. The painting depicted a beautiful, brown-haired teenager and her face was recognized by Katy.

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Katy realized that the sitter in the painting was her mother when she was young (Katy's mother, Betsy Daniels, was now 78 years old). According to Katy, the painting had been stolen and had somehow ended up hanging in this restaurant. Realizing what she was lookin at, Katy exclaimed: "Hey, that's my mother! Why is a painting of her hanging on the wall of this restaurant?"

Speaking with the restaurant's owner, Katy discovered that it had been purchased from an antique shop where, presumably, it had ended up after the theft.


After this incredible find, Betsy decided to go to the restaurant to see the heirloom for herself. After talking to the owner, Daniel Alqassen, the portrait was returned to its rightful owner.

Daniel later said: "I don't want this story to end here. I want it to be handed down from customer to customer and that it is remembered. I think we will print images of the painting on our coasters. We loved this story and want to tell all our customers."

This is a rather incredible story that, we are sure, will not be forgotten easily. Not to mention that, sometimes, real life can often be stranger than ficton. Do you agree?