A 99-year-old woman, who was going to…
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A 99-year-old woman, who was going to be a nun in her youth, holds her hundredth great-grandson in her arms

September 01, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Large families can be very close and united, even when normal interpersonal problems arise. On the other hand, forced coexistence is never easy for anyone, especially if it is long-term. But there are families who would never give up on their numerous relatives. The family of Marguerite Koller, a sprightly 99-year-old, is undoubtedly one of these. This woman, almost 100 years old, was going to be a nun in her youth, but when she met William, her future husband, her destiny changed. Marguerite had a very large family and lived long enough to welcome her 100th great grandson!

via: Metro

Christine Stokes Balster and her husband Patrick Balster were delighted to be able to introduce their second child to "grandmother" Marguerite "Peg" Koller. It is in honor of the great-grandmother's surname that the couple decided to call their little son Koller. For the elderly grandmother, it was a unique event, because Koller is officially her 100th great-grandchild. For a woman who was going to be a nun, this is a truly an incredible case. "We went to see her and we introduced her to Koller, who has her surname," said Christine, "She was absolutely ecstatic. She was so happy and she felt so blessed and lucky to be able to hold him."

Marguerite, an only child, had 11 children with her husband William and later became a grandmother of 56 grandchildren. Her family has continued to expand to this day.

The 100th grandchild in the family was also given William as a middle name, in honor of Marguerite's late husband. "My husband liked the name Kole," Christine said, "So it was very natural to call him Koller and give him William as a middle name. And we can always call him Kole if we want to."

Once the idea of becoming a nun had been renounced, Marguerite wanted to have a large family, remembering her loneliness being an only child. Her meeting with William, who passed away in 2008, was fateful and today Marguerite, almost 100 years old, can be said to be very happy with her large family.


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