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He cannot leave the house because of quarantine, so he sends his chihuahua "on a mission" to buy chips

In difficult days of forced quarantine, whose restrictive measures by various governments around the world are trying to be as effective as possible to contain the contagion from Covid-19, the population…

A wave of Golden Retriever puppies overwhelms this man who can't stop laughing

Who as a child has not had the thought of wanting to pet a puppy at least once? Some have been more fortunate than others and persuaded their parents to adopt a dog, others, however, have become adults…

This cute pup smiles every anytime someone talks to him or showers him with compliments

Life is not a bed of roses for dogs who have to live in animal shelters. Most were either abandoned as puppies, found injured and alone, or rescued from poor living conditions. What they all probably…

"Guide dogs can't be black!": a rude passenger yells out to a blind girl and her guide dog to get off the bus

As a modern civilization, we'd like to think that we've evolved beyond holding prejudices or discriminating against others based on the color of their skin. Although as a whole, people have become more…

Waiting to be adopted, this 1-year-old pit bull "rolled up" the covers of his bed by himself

You have no idea how frustrating and painful it can be for a homeless dog, without a human family to cuddle and shower him with love, living in an animal shelter. Of course, the volunteers and all the…

This Rottweiler always watches over the bread every time his family leaves the house

Rottweilers are excellent guard dogs, born for this purpose, they can also be used to perform other tasks such as guiding the blind. They are dogs that, if expertly trained, can be indispensable for humans…

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