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This dog survived a fire but due to the pain could not stop moaning ... the gesture of this veterinarian will bring tears to your eyes!

The story you are about to read regards an incident involving an unfortunate animal and a doctor with a big heart. The protagonists are an 8-year-old dog, Taka, and his guardian angel, Emily Garnto Martin,…

11 bungling and amusing dogs that will make you double up with laughter!

We all know the almost limitless affection that only a dog can give! Dogs are faithful, loving, and will stay with you for the rest of your life. Precisely for this reason, they have earned the nickname…

A shoe store has opened its doors to stray dogs to protect them from the cold and rain

Climate change makes meteorological phenomena more intense and devastating. Hurricanes, torrential rains, earthquakes, and landslides, all make our cities vulnerable. Furthermore, it is not only human…

People tend to love dogs more than humans and a study confirms this

When a dog enters our life, even for a short time, it usually stays! How many people have you heard firmly say, "a dog in my house? ... Never!" Only to find them a few weeks later, lying on their living…

24 reasons why the dachshund is one of the most adorable dogs in the world!

Dachshunds are a breed of German dogs famous on the Internet for their cuteness and friendly nature. They have slowly conquered the forums and discussion boards of the main social networks, where…

They showed their newborn baby to their Chihuahua for the first time ... and the dog's reaction is sweeter than expected!

Children and dogs are usually able to establish a perfect harmony from the first moments spent together and become in a short time inseparable companions who share pranks and adventures. The moment…

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