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Suddenly struck down by a stroke, he is saved by the German shepherd which he adopted only a few months earlier

When two gazes meet for the first time and they know that they will never separate again in life, then it is said that fate has united them; this thing is true both as regards the feeling of love and…

A homeless man takes care of a disabled dog: he feeds him and considers him "his child"

When you have little in life, you tend to appreciate everything, even the apparently trivial things, which we usually don't pay much attention to; those who are poor on the outside are very often rich…

A 4-year-old boy wants to save 2 Pitbulls from a shelter but the state won't allow him: he adopts them "remotely"

Adults can learn a lot from children, especially when it comes to making gestures of unexpected generosity. Jaxton Betschart, a 4-year-old boy, showed his great sense of responsibility, despite his very…

A chef decides to donate food left by his customers to the animals in local shelters

There are many four-legged friends who don't have a roof to sleep under, enough food and water and a loving family to care for them every day; they are our stray animals, and if we all wasted less food…

An elderly homeless woman prefers to live on the street rather than in a shelter: she doesn't want to part with her beloved dogs

More and more often we coem across stories of very poor people, towards whom life has not been very generous, and who, however, have proved to be the best examples of compassion and love we could ever…

A homeless man and his dog find a wallet full of money and decide to return it to the owner

Having nothing in life makes us more responsible and makes us understand the true value of things. In a contemporary society where most people are comfortably off, we take all the goods we surround ourselves…

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