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23 puppies so cute they don't even seem real

There is no doubt that a dog is a man's best friend, but now science has also confirmed that having a dog can definitely improve the mental and physical health of us owners. Puppies, and dogs in general,…

A dog guards his master's grave every day: he doesn't want to part from the man who died three months

A dog's loyalty to their favorite humans is unquestionable. These four-legged angels would never betray their masters for anything in the world, they would follow them everywhere, even to the ends of…

They visit an abandoned water park and meet 2 strays who lead them to their friend in need

Two young boys went to visit an old abandoned water park in San Diego, California, equipped with a camera and that desire for adventure that in this modern age is harde and harder to satisfy. The two…

A dog secretly follows the children to school and ends up in the principal's office - a hilarious scene

Spending your childhood with a dog in the family means having a special friend right away. A friend who in terms of affection, loyalty and protection is practically unparalleled. Karen Manthey's family…

The dog wants to get to it's owner, but the cat won't let him pass: after a few seconds he returns with reinforcements

The eternal rivalry between dog and cat is now a myth that has been debunked several times. Despite the great character differences that distinguish the two animals, both have been able on several occasions…
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A dog travels 60 miles to return to his humans who had temporarily entrusted him to a friend

What wouldn't a faithful dog do for his owner? To get back to him, he would cross hundreds of miles without stopping, something that perhaps a human being wouldn't do. This incredible story had as its…

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