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A homeless man is hospitalized and his 4 little dogs wait patiently for him at the hospital entrance door

The experience of being admitted hospital is almost always rather unpleasant, both for the patient and for the relatives and friends who wait bravely for good news from the doctors. Therefore, it is very…

This 6-year-old boy gives water to both his pet dog and a stray dog ​​outside in the yard from the same bowl

What would you do if you found yourself having to decide whether to give two dogs some water to drink at the same time? But why decide to exclude one or the other? The child who is the protagonist in…

After 5 years in captivity, this dog sees the sea for the first time and cannot hold back its joy

For many people, their pets are real family members, essential components with which to share joys, bad days, fun and everyday life. Whether cats or dogs, four-legged friends are often so loved that they…

A little dog gets lost in the desert and a Dirt Bike couple saves him and returns him to his family

A pet is more than just a pastime or to keep one company ― it is a member of the family, in all respects, and, precisely for this reason, when sometimes, a pet can get sick or even lost, this becomes…

Two German shepherds hug each other to bolster their courage while both are waiting to be adopted together

Disney has often used animals, such as dogs and cats, to make films on the big screen that have become wonderful fairy tales loved by both adults and children. Films like "Oliver & Company", "Lady…

This homeless man sleeps embraced by a four-legged angel that never abandons him

The Internet is a huge container of strange and funny photos, but also of other less pleasant and unedifying contents. The beauty and the ugliness of such a large, and often filter-less, instrument of…

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