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A dog owner has terminal cancer, so he decided to find a new family for his four-year-old dog

A very sweet and gentle female dog was looking for a new family! And this time no, it was not a case of abandonment. The owner of this four-legged canine friend, who loves his pet very much, simply knew…

These four young boys rescued a tied-up dog abandoned in front of an uninhabited house

We can all make a difference and be of help to those in our community who are most in need of care or affection. And the four young boys from Detroit, Michigan who are the protagonists of this wonderful…

A woman got out of her car to help a dog whose toy had fallen over a house fence wall

Sometimes, there are scenarios that we witness, right in front of us, to which we cannot remain indifferent or ignore! For example, if we found ourselves near a person and we saw that an object of theirs…

A bus driver picks up a very nice lost dog and helps him find his family

Unexpected events can happen in everyone's life, so surprising that they manage to change even the most boring days and the most repetitive routines for the better. For example, imagine the everyday life…

Every day this stray puppy ​​waits at the same bus stop for a bus driver who brings him a snack

Every day, the puppy dog that is the protagonist of this moving story sits diligently at the same bus stop waiting for the same bus, and the same bus driver to stop—and give him his favorite daily snack!…

This man adopted two pit bulls from an animal shelter and they thanked him by saving his life during a robbery

Those who have had the experience of adopting a dog from an animal shelter can say it loud and clear—we have saved puppies and dogs from a cold and lonely existence! But to be more honest, in the end,…
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