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This man was "saved" by a Chihuahua, so he decides to pay her back in the most adorable of ways

That love goes beyond all sorts of considerations when it comes to physical aspects is by now a well-recognized fact. However, love still does not cease to surprise us, especially when it manages to overcome…

8 ways that your dog is telling you: "I love You!"

Dogs are amazing creatures, companions, loyal, loving, and they are able to fill a person's life with joy. Although dogs certainly do manage to convey their feelings toward their human friends, thanks…

He finds two abandoned dogs, but no bus transports animals! So he walks 870 miles (1,400 km) to bring them home with him

A journey is a discovery, where one knows the starting point but does not know what will be waiting when one returns! In fact, during the in-between time, anything can happen, and one comes back home…

19 mothers who proudly show off the beauty of their cute little puppies

Human mothers, during their nine months of pregnancy, use the time to also prepare for the arrival of their babies in the best ways possible. In fact, mothers-to-be set up a baby nursery room, attend…

Her husband forced her to choose between him and her dogs and Liz's choice is an inspiration to many!

Choose between your husband and your dogs? It seems unusual, but an English woman did it.  Her name is Liz Haslam and her job is to help puppy dogs in difficulty. During her life, she has dedicated so…

This dog desperately chases his owner's car after being abandoned

Every year, at least 5 million dogs and cats around the world are abandoned on the streets and, if they are lucky, they are found and saved by rescue teams and volunteers and then these animals are given…

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