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A cyclist finds an abandoned dog on the street and saves it by putting it in her shirt pocket

What would you do if you encountered an animal in distress? Common sense, and in many countries even the law, should immediately make us rush to the aid of the poor victim. Such misadventures can happen…

This woman can't stop crying when she finds her dog: "the worst 3 months of my life"

Adopting a puppy means giving a creature a chance at a new life: you welcome it into your home exactly as if it were a new member of the family. We raise it with love and patience, almost like a child.…

A dog remains motionless like a statue together with his street artist master: now they are real stars

A dog would do anything for his favorite human, he would follow him everywhere and act in any way to protect him from the dangers of the world; after all, we know that such a relationship of trust and…

He finds a newborn abandoned in a bush thanks to his dog:"He's a hero, he saved his life"

Our pets are not only a source of great joy and love, every day of our life, but also synonymous with friendship, safety and loyalty. Dogs and cats, to give a practical example, seem to be able to perceive…

If you see a dog with a yellow bow, approach it carefully: it means that it needs its space

Having a dog as a pet changes your life, and it certainly changes it for the better. Companion and friend of extreme sweetness and fidelity, a dog is very often treated as a toy by some families, as if…

An inconsiderate motorist throws a piece of paper out of the window, but a passing dog teaches him a lesson

What if even a dog could remind us of how much we should respect our planet? On the one hand, it wouldn't be all that strange, since dogs are simply other living beings who, just like us, inhabit the…

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