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After 20 years of being homeless, this man has clear priorities: "I prefer to live on the street rather than abandon my dog"

When we see a homeless person, we automatically think that their life is miserable and unhappy. As a rule, we all agree that social and economic problems and pressures often force people to live on…

Woman finds a dog tied to a fire hydrant along with a heartbreaking letter: the sick owner can no longer keep the puppy (+ VIDEO)

When Kylie Rose Engelhardt found a puppy tied to a fire hydrant, she thought the owner might be back soon. "I sat outside with her for an hour, keeping her warm, waiting for someone to come back, but…
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Young child knocks on the school door and runs away leaving a cardboard box with a message: "Find a home for this puppy"

Dogs are not toys, although they are often given as gifts at Christmas or to children like they are fluffy toys; a dog is part of the family, has needs and needs a lot of love and attention. There are…

Young boy had to give up his puppy dog because his father mistreated him: 2 years later, he continues to send the dog letters

The relationship that is established between a dog and its owner is always very strong, especially if those who take care of the animal know that even a dog deserves love, care and respect. In 2020, a…

Homeless young man is filmed celebrating his dogs' birthday: they are his only family

It is no coincidence that dogs are man's best friend and it is also no coincidence that many homeless people have a four-legged friend by their side. Although caring for an animal involves additional…

17-year-old homeless man leaves his dog in a shelter, but thanks to strangers, he manages to embrace him again

The love that unites a master with his dog is truly boundless and despite the difficulties of life, our four-legged friends continue to hold a special place in our hearts. A homeless 17-year-old boy…
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