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Dog attracts the attention of a garbage man and saves the life of his elderly owner

We already understand that dogs are four-legged angels without wings. They give us, their human owners, their unconditional love and affection. And this love for us is so big that it enables dogs to…

A lost dog roaming the highway leads police to the scene of an accident and ensures his injured owner's life is saved

Having a four-legged friend can be a real blessing in many ways. We know that a dog is a man's best friend, and this incontrovertible truth is testified to every day by the infinite acts of loyalty and…

Dog's loud barking awakens his owners who then save the lives of a drowning couple

Do angels really exist? We will never know the answer to this question to a mathematical certainty, but we can certainly tell you with absolute certainty that many people and and other living beings that…

Family dog saves baby's life after the infant stopped breathing during the night

Having a dog at home can be a blessing in many ways. A dog can be a loyal and valuable companion, and in some cases, this can even go as far as saving lives. Their instincts make them take action when…

Abandoned baby girl found alongside puppies: they kept her warm throught the cold night

In their hearts, every parent wants the best for their children, but not everyone can achieve this. For many reasons, there are people who do not feel ready to raise a child, and who choose an to alternative…
Dogs Rescues Stories

Theytake their paralyzed dog for a last walk by the sea on a mobile bed

A pet is much more than just company: after years spent side by side, they become an inseparable friend, an extra family member with whom we've had the pleasure of walking, eating and even chatting together!…

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