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She spent her whole life in chains but now she knows what it means to be loved and to be able to move freely

For many people, keeping a dog tied to a chain for most of the day is completely normal. In these conditions, however, the animal suffers terribly because it cannot enjoy any freedom of movement and…

He threw 8 puppies into a garbage bag and the police intercepted it and arrested him!

Never before has the animal rights movement counted so many supporters all over the world, not to mention the increasing number of people who have changed their diet and lifestyle by becoming vegetarian…

A journalist goes to an animal shelter to write a story, and a dog literally forces him to make an unexpected decision ...

Letting a dog come into your house, and in general, into your life, is a very important decision that should not be made lightly. The main danger is that soon you may realize that you are not suited to…

Its owners abandoned it in a dog kennel because it was too big and aggressive: but a DNA test saves its life

Although the most common pets are dogs and cats, every species in the animal kingdom can keep people company and therefore be classified as a pet. From birds to fish, from turtles to spiders, everyone…

21 lovely reasons NOT to adopt a German shepherd dog

When you want to adopt a dog, you often also inquire about the characteristics of its breed, as if you want to ensure that it is compatible with you and your lifestyle. You wonder, if, in fact, it will…
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A dog is tied up and thrown into a ditch, but the culprit makes a mistake that will cost him dearly

There is no need to have a dog to be able to appreciate this faithful four-legged friend. Just observe the goodness in its sweet eyes, and the irrepressible joy that it shows at its owner's appearance,…

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