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This 5-star hotel recovers leftovers from the kitchen to give to dogs that live in animal shelters

It is known that in regards to large chain restaurants, one of the most disputed aspects is the enormous waste of food. In fact, every day tons of food still in perfect condition that could be easily…

A dog dies two hours after playing in a lake! Here is an appeal to all dog owners to help avoid an insidious danger!

One of the greatest pleasures of having a dog is spending time in nature, in the open air, in a meadow or also at the seaside, so that these wonderful creatures can give free rein to their boundless energy.…

His dog barks "too much", so the owner binds its mouth shut with adhesive tape

Animal abuse is still inexplicably frequent these days. Heartless people let their dogs suffer without any shame and without giving them proper care. How this is possible is still a mystery but, fortunately,…

Here is Macho, the "hero dog" who saved a newborn baby girl abandoned behind some thick bushes!

Once again, our four-legged friends are the protagonists of this new story of compassion and heroism that all of us human beings should take as an example. Thanks to the tenacious gesture of this extraordinary…

An owner abandons a dog in its favorite chair by the roadside and receives an exemplary reproach!

Abandoning a dog with whom happy moments have been spent does not only mean performing a gesture that puts the animal's safety at risk but also it completely betrays its trust. Dogs, like no other domestic…

A dog almost buried in its own hair is saved from living on the street and after being sheared, its lovely eyes are revealed!

In the innumerable stories of abandonment of four-legged friends that we have told you about, there is always among the protagonists an animal shelter staff that miraculously saves the abandoned dog,…

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