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15 dogs that could melt even the toughest hearts with their sweetness

Anyone who has a four-legged friend in the house knows perfectly well that he has found a priceless treasure; not only can a dog prove to be a faithful and lasting friend, but it can also become the best…

A child takes his little dog in to a shelter and leaves him there: "my father beats him"

Unfortunately, not all children are destined to spend a peaceful childhood in a loving family, free from negative experiences, frustrations and traumas that can sometimes mark them deeply for the years…

12 puppies small enough to fit in a teacup: they are unbelievably sweet

If it is true that everyone loves puppies, then no one in the world could ever hate these tiny dogs. Yes, they are puppies, but of dog breeds that will remain extremely small. Their degree of sweetness…

This adorable Pitbull has never stopped smiling since he was adopted

Often to indicate the almost human behaviors of our four-legged friends the classic expression "he just lacks speech" is used. Well these sweet, loyal, empathic creatures don't really need it, because…

A dog who wasn't pregnant began nursing a stray kitten, managing to save her life

After thousands of years of civilization, progress and technological achievement, nature still manages to surprise us. Plants and animals can adapt and have qualities that are extraordinary. These natural…
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Man sees a dog trapped in a vehicle in scorching temperatures: he rescues the dog by breaking the car window open

Although certain things should just be common sense, some people have a hard time grasping simple concepts. When you think about your car in the middle of summer, for example, is it a good idea to leave…

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