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A sweet Golden Retriever looks after the owners' daughter as if it were her babysitter

There are videos that are good for the heart and this is one of them! If you don't believe it, look at how this great Golden Retriever takes care of his owners' baby girl. It is an incredible sight:…

Three policemen notice a dog abandoned in a hot car: they remove the door to save it

Having a dog in your life means welcoming it into your home as a fully-fledged new member of the family. Would it ever occur to any of you to leave your baby in the car, unattended and over heating? We…

A little dog runs away from home to join her mistress at work: she thought she had been abandoned

Every time people ask us to describe our dogs, among the thousand qualities that we can recognize there are two, in particular, that are absolutely inevitable: loyalty and fidelity. Dogs are like human…

Delivery man modifies his bicycle to carry his rescue dog on the road with him

What wouldn't we do for our four-legged friends? Their presence alone is capable of changing our day for the better always and in any case; our little angels with hair and waggy tail are sometimes better…

This little dog and his little human are so close that they can no longer sleep apart

How many times have we allowed ourselves to be convinced by the stereotype that the pit bull is a dangerous and aggressive dog? In fact, this dog breed is just like all other breeds, it all depends on…

A dog reassures a newborn by bringing her his favorite toy

Nick Elliott and his wife brought their baby daughter Macie home after she was released from the hospital in early July. At home they had to introduce her to another important member of the family, the…

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