Owner's dog is always on the roof: she…
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Owner's dog is always on the roof: she is forced to put up a sign to explain the phenomenon to incredulous passersby (+ VIDEO)

August 14, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

What would we do without our four-legged friends to brighten up the day? Whether they are cats, dogs or some other pet, we are sure they will always be able to make us laugh. The inhabitants of Austin, Texas know something about this. When they pass by the house where a cute dog named Huckleberry lives, this becomes evident. Huckleberry has the bizarre habit of spending his time on the roof of the house. You can imagine how bizarre it is to walk down the road and then see a dog running around on the roof of a house! Everyone who sees this scene rushes over to knock on the owner's door, who then reassures everyone: "I know my dog is on the roof, don't worry about it!".

Huckleberry's owner had to install a sign outside her house to reassure all passers-by: "Huckleberry has learned to jump onto our roof from the yard. We never leave him on the roof without someone being in the house. He doesn't jump off unless he wants to come inside. Don't tempt him down with food or a ball! We appreciate your concern, but please don't knock on our door - we know he's up there! But feel free to photograph him and share the pics with the world!". The woman was definitely exasperated by all those people who repeatedly knocked on her door during the week to tell her about a dog on the roof: "Madam, do you realize that there is a dog on your roof?".

There is no need to worry as Huckleberry knows very well what he is doing ... (or perhaps not), but in any case, the situation is totally under control. As if this weren't enough, the Golden Retriever also taught his little sister the trick. She is a smaller dog who already seems to have taken a liking to climbing on the roof with Hucklebury, to observe the world.

Photos of Huckleberry have started to circulate on the net causing general hilarity, but also a lot of curiosity: some users have asked the owner if she is bothered by the "footsteps" of her dog on the roof. "Yes, it's annoying," replied the woman, "especially when my baby is trying to take a nap. The worst is when someone comes to the houses and he rushes down off the roof to run around to the front the house - I'm surprised that all the roof tiles are still intact".


Another user made the owner wonder if there was a correlation between her dog's presence on the roof and her clogged gutters, given the fact that there are no trees or bird nests near the home. In any case, the "Huckleberry phenomenon" has bewitched web users: "I love your dog! It looks like he is a real tourist attraction in the neighborhood". It is no surprise then, that the dog has a dedicated Instagram page, where he boasts tens of thousands of followers. Do you also want to follow Huckleberry's adventures on his owner's rooftop?

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