Father is crushed because the son he…
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Father is crushed because the son he taught math at home for a year only got 6/100 on his test

July 19, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

All parents want the best for their children, and especially when it comes to school grades and homework, mom and dad can be very demanding. When there are low grades on the report card, usually, you try to take action by getting private lessons, tutors and other types of support to prevent your child from failing. A father's story went viral thanks to a video showing his disappointment after his son got an extremely low grade on his maths test. The real issue is that the father himself had given his son math lessons every night for a year, but the boy definitely did not get the desired results.

via: Mirror

The video of this dad crying with disappointment was shared on a Chinese social media platform (Weibo) and only later was it revealed by local media what had happened. The father was very unhappy with his son's grades and, since the Chinese government had banned tutoring activities (which were considered too exploitative and out of control), the father had rolled up his sleeves to assist his son in mastering mathematics. We can understand his disappointment, then, when he found out that his son had got an embarrassingly low score on his last math test: only 6 out of 100, (a mere 6%).

The video shows the man crying in despair, covering his face with a white towel to stifle his sobs and to wipe away his tears. The scene was filmed by his wife, who giggles mischievously at seeing her husband's anguish.

Not knowing the details of the story thoroughly, users were split over what they saw in the video and hypothesized about the different scenarios which had lead up to this climax of grief. There are those who said they supported the father, who had made a noble effort to teach mathematics to his son; on the other hand, there were those who sympathized with the boy, saying that perhaps his low grade represented an act of rebellion . It is also possible that the father, not being a math teacher, did not instruct his son properly on how to solve maths problems.

In any case, the pain that we see in this tragi-comic video is real: we hope that this boy will improve his grades and this father can return to being proud of his son (especially given that these skills are highly valued in the highly competitive, pressured academic world in Far East).

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