Neighbor cuts down the plants he believes…
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Neighbor cuts down the plants he believes are on his property, but discovers he was wrong: his is fined

May 06, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Following rules is a good thing if you want to live in a civil society, integrated with the system and with all other people you share the world with, but what happens when you fall victim to your own rules? An incident between neighbors makes us reflect on this question. A Reddit user told of a long time ago when he and his family moved to a new neighborhood, and the row houses were separated by a very small gap. In short, the houses in question were all very close to each other, so much so that one could "spy" into the neighbor's kitchen at any time without a problem. This lack of respect for privacy had annoyed the subject of this story so much so that they felt forced to take preventive measures.

via: Reddit

The Reddit user explained how he and his family acted to prevent neighbors from spying on them: "We put in a bunch of plants - they cost thousands of dollars, but my parents thought it would be worth it." In fact, a beautiful hedge and a few trees are the most practical solution to shield the windows of your home in an elegant and pleasing way. Their neighbor, however, seemed not to like this choice: "A week later my parents woke up to find the plants completely cut down. My father was furious - he went straight over to the house of our neighbors. The neighbor told my father that the plants were on his property border, so he had every right to cut them down. He warned us that if we trespassed on his property again by doing something else, he would immediately report us to the authorities. "

Fortunately, the plants were still under insurance, which is why the company that planted them only a week before, returned and replaced them. The new plants were then back in their place, demarcating the boundary of the house of the subject of this story, who naturally checked in advance that their location did not cross over into the neighbor's property.

The neighbor, however, did not give up and one night, they found him at 2 am cutting down the plants again. At that point, the family called the police: "We called the police and, after a chat with the neighbor, he himself decided to call in a professional and mark the boundary of his property. My father agreed."

"A few days later I came home and found some orange duct tape in my neighbors backyard. Apparently, his fence encroached into our property by 3.35 meters! We watched him tear down his fence - he was completely furious. Yes, indded, the next month we were enjoying our new space and the privacy in our back yard, and our neighbor ended up losing 25% of his yard area. In addition, he had to pay nearly $ 10,000 for the destruction of our property and he had to replant all the plants he had cut down," said the Reddit user.

Compliance with the rules cost this stubborn neighbor dearly!

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