School informs a mother that a stranger is picking up her daughter, but she replies: "It was me without my wig on!"

Mark Bennett

April 14, 2022

School informs a mother that a stranger is picking up her daughter, but she replies:

Parents would do anything for their children and it is their safety that concerns them the most. When the school authorities called Shanta, who calls herself "heyshantaqtv" on TikTok, to tell her that an unknown man was picking up her daughter from school every day, she almost fainted. Who wouldn't tremble at just the idea that something like this could happen to their son or daughter? The world, unfortunately, is full of evil people and it is difficult to trust others, especially if the safety of one's children is at stake.

Luckily, Shanta made it clear in a video that it was a tremendous, completely hilarious, misunderstanding.

via TikTok / heyshantaqtv


TikTok / heyshantaqtv

In the video, the mom clearly explained what happened, keeping more than four million users on the edge of their seats, at least for the first part of the explanation. The woman said she was contacted by the school with a shocking message: a stranger was coming to pick up her daughter from school every day. First, Shanta stressed that the school has an obligation to warn her immediately if anyone suspicious approaches her daughter or if someone unknown tries to pick her child up from school: "I have always told the school that if my daughter leaves with someone who is not myself or my husband, they must contact us immediately. "

In telling the story, Shanta had a dramatic tone, and was clearly very worried given the seriousness of the subject. She recounts, in an almost panicked tone that she freaked out when getting the school’s message, as parent would do: "I was trembling. My heart was beating out of my chest," she said.

TikTok / heyshantaqtv

Since, in this case, the man in question was clearly not the child's father, the mother felt her legs give way under her when she received the school’s call. The school gave her a description of the man and suddenly Shanta understood everything. She knew the man. She knew the person being described by the school authorities: "He was tall, a little plump, he looked out of shape, his hair looked disheveled, and he had a thin, light mustache."

Shanta continued her story: "I asked them if they had any photographic evidence. They sent me a picture. While waiting for the photo, my heart was beating like a drum. I started crying. I was in shock." Who was this man?

"It was me!" Shanta revealed with great relief, "It was ME without my WIG on!". The millions of users who were on the edge of their seats burst out with laughter and shared their mirth. Everyone was sorry that the school had mistaken Shanta for a man, but on the one hand, they all felt relieved: nothing serious had happened to her daughter and everything was resolved, to the echoes of uproarious laughter.