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A young mother has to take an exam but…
At 73, she works 8 hours a day as a taxi driver:

A young mother has to take an exam but cannot find a babysitter: the teacher offers to look after the child for her

April 05, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Raising a child is a great commitment, and anyone who has decided to undertake this path in their life knows this very well. A small child has many needs and every parent needs to keep up with everything an infant needs. If you are the mother of your first child, then, anxiety levels are obviously high and inexperience can be a problem. In these cases, help from other people becomes necessary.

Often it is parents, brothers, sisters, or uncles who jump in to help. At other times, it is people outside the family who lend a hand. And this is the case in the story we are about to tell you about today.

Katie Lewis is a 22-year-old single mum, who was still in the middle of her education program when she had her baby girl. Katie was taking a nursing class and gave birth to little Allie during the spring break.

When she resumed the course, Katie found herself distraught and overwhelmed by a thousand things she had to do. Usually, when she had to go out for lessons or to take an exam, her parents looked after her baby. So, it was too bad that one day, due to a change of schedule, Allie's grandmother was not available because of work. Also, her grandfather was out of town and even the babysitter she usually called was not available. What could she do? Katie was in a difficult situation, but she had to find a solution ASAP to avoid missing the exam.

A few days earlier she had contacted her teacher and had jokingly stated that she was angry because due to the exam, she would have had to away from her baby after only two weeks of giving birth. Trying to deal with the difficult situation, Katie sent her teacher a text message: "Hi Dr. George, I'm having trouble finding someone to take care of my baby on Monday and I risk missing the exam because it's in the afternoon. For this reason, I ask you for permission to be able to bring my child into the classroom. I know it's not something you usually do, but I don't know how to organize myself otherwise". Julia George, a professor at the University of Texas at Tyler, and Katie's teacher, did not hesitate at all and replied with these words: "Of course you can bring your daugher, I'm already excited to see her".

Dr. Julia's behavior was admirable. The woman took care of the baby as if it were her own. A classmate of Katie's, moved by the image of the teacher with the baby in her arms, decided to capture the moment in a photo that went viral around the web.

"Being a single mom is not easy, especially if you have to take a course to become a nurse," said Katie.  "But I have a wonderful family behind me that helps me a lot. My teacher did the same and I will always be grateful for that," she added.

The job of parents is not easy, but neither is that of being a teacher. A teacher is a person who takes their students by the hand, whatever their age, and guides them as they can. Being behind a lecturn means teaching wisdom, but it also means being in tune with the students and guiding them on their life paths.

Congratulations to Professor Julia George for showing that altruism and empathy with others are fundamental aspects of our life and good luck to Katie and her sweet Allie.


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