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These 16 exciting photos show that money cannot buy happiness

How many times have we heard repeated that happiness does not depend on how much money or wealth that each of us has? Probably many times, and in truth, this concept is much more than a simple proverb,…

A man tries to end it all but is saved by three heroic young teenage boys at the last moment

We often hear news on TV about dramatic events and we wonder how we would react if we were in the same situation. One wonders if at the right time one would be able to do the right thing, to react appropriately,…

His home is auctioned after he lost his job, but his fellow citizens buy it back

When one arrives at a certain age, it becomes increasingly difficult to rethink oneself and project oneself towards new experiences and activities, especially from the point of view of work or employment.…

A dog chases a police car and is "hired" as a therapy dog for children

There is no doubt that the work of police officers is among the hardest and most difficult that exists. Whoever has this job as a profession has a very strong sense of duty and even stronger desire to…

This child with Down syndrome was rejected as a model but is now a Web Star

No one could ever have imagined that this intrepid mother had a specific mission and that she would not give up for anything in the world until she saw her little son enjoy the same opportunities as his…

These dolls wearing scarves and beanies help children with cancer to find their smile again

It is difficult to imagine what a child with cancer feels and experiences. Such a challenging situation is really something that deeply marks both the children who would like to live a tranquil and carefree…

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