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This kindergarten teacher quits her job after 12 years and her explanation for her choice goes viral on the Internet ...

The teacher is perhaps one of the most rewarding professions in the world but, especially in recent years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to succeed in this field. From different points of view,…

This 89-year-old grandmother travels the world with a backpack and a walking cane: she wants to spend her retirement creating memories

Traveling is probably the dream of many people, but few can make it happen. A backpack, some money, free time, a lot of desire for adventure and ... up and away, around the world, wherever we like the…

"Love cures, hatred kills" this is the precious lesson of a medical genius

According to a great medical professional, Jacinto Convit, love has the extraordinary ability to heal our body. A greatly shared and acceptable reflection, don't you think? A feeling of hate, on the other…

Sunday dinner: The family tradition that we should definitely bring back to life

"The family that eats together stays together". Thus the doctor and psychologist Vanessa Lapointe confirms the importance of shared food and meals as a moment of reconciliation and physical and emotional…

Loving without possessing, accompanying without oppressing, and bonding without creating dependence

Love and possessiveness may seem to be obviously different concepts but seen from the inside, when you are involved in the first person, they have much more subtle borders than you think. This is especially…

If you forgive too many times, then others will get used to treating you with no respect!

Forgiveness is like a balm for the soul that not only lightens the weight of those who have committed a bad deed and are repentant, but it also alleviates the pain of those who have suffered it. In fact,…

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