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From panhandler to model: how one photograph changed this girl's life

Sometimes luck has a way of arriving in the nick of time. As unpredictable as destiny and fate are, it doesn't mean we can't hope for a better future for ourselves. Chances are, our luck could change…

An old woman builds a "zoo" in her yard to make all the passersby smile

In times of medical emergency, many people thought it a good idea to take the opportunity to do good for others (and ultimately also for themselves) with kind and exemplary action. Despite the difficulties,…

Boy with prosthetic legs walks 10 km and raises 1 million euros for the hospital that saved his life

Nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it. And this isn't just an expression we say to ourselves to make us feel better. Men, women, and children everywhere have pushed through so many obstacles…

A hotel welcomed dozens of homeless people during the pandemic: everyone offered to work to repay the gesture

The Coronavirus epidemic has spread all over the world, taking victims everywhere, although in some countries the situation seems to have returned under control, in many others the numbers of infections…

A disabled boy visits his mom's grave to tell her that he graduated: "I did it"

A degree is an important goal for everyone. It doesn't matter what age you are, the important thing is to achieve the goal you have set yourself. There are those who take the minimum years necessary to…

Miner finds two rare gemstones and becomes a millionaire: he spends all of his money on opening a school

Some stories have a powerful message to them; it's enough to read them to understand that a person's luck can change almost instantly. For good or for bad.  In Saniniu Laizer's case, his luck changed…

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