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She was a girl on the run and a homeless mother: today this woman is a millionaire entrepreneur

A feeling that all of us, sooner or later, are destined to feel is that of dissatisfaction. In certain moments we are seized by the sudden desire to change life, to change jobs, cities or partners because…

He grew up in a house without water and electricity: now this man knows 7 languages and teaches at Oxford

Is it possible, thanks to one's strength and ambitions, to overcome adversity and be able to radically change one's life? The story of this man shows us that yes, it is possible. Esteban Cichello Hübner…

At the age of 104, he obtained his PhD by solving an impossible equation: "it's never too late"

It is never too late to make your dreams come true, the important thing is to have a good dose of determination. Even if this does not seem possible to us, we must have faith in our abilities and in the…

Her boyfriend won't introduce her to his parents because "she is too fat": she loses 90 kg in revenge and leaves him

The first rule of living well is to be at peace with oneself, accepting the strengths and weaknesses that naturally come to us. Of course, if something about our appearance or our character disturbs and…

A student gets top marks and asks the teacher to give his bonus points to whoever needs them

School should be a safe and inviting place for all children, but in reality it can become a real nightmare for some. There are those who are not happy with their studies, others with don't like their…

He saves a street vendor from the cold by buying all the food she is selling, then donating it to the homeless in the city

Those who are forced to work outdoors in the elements have to deal with a significant problem, namely the weather. Think, for example, of street vendors: these people must be willing to work in the rain,…

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