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Coronavirus: In Germany some people leave food and drinks by the roadside for truck drivers

At the time of the Coronavirus, we see a lot of gestures of solidarity around the world. Fortunately, many episodes of fear and selfishness correspond to manifestations of humanity and closeness, on the…

Coronavirus: a boy leaves toilet paper and disinfectant outside the door for couriers to use

In the days of the Coronavirus pandemic, when authorities all over the world issued travel bans and restrictions, everything, even the most obvious, seems different and difficult to deal with. From the…

An entrepreneur buys food for his quarantined workers and pays their wages upfront

Fighting the Coronavirus is a task that must be understood as a common effort: it is certainly not a battle reserved for a few people, but a collective commitment. For this reason, every single sign,…

His family was too poor to buy him toys; at 10 years old, he makes his own action figures out of molding clay

Life's difficulties can befall on us at any age; it doesn't matter whether we're young, old, or even a child. What really matters is that we don't let our circumstances limit what we are capable of achieving.…

He collected many books during his street sweeper career: now he has a degree in theology and speaks 3 languages

"Will is power" - our will determines the strength of our actions and even if the reality that surrounds us, the one in which we were born and perhaps the only one we know, is not exactly at the level…

Desperate mom goes live on TikTok and scolds compulsive buyers after discovering diapers at her local supermarket are out of stock.

When a worldwide pandemic breaks out and populations everywhere are recommended to stay home for an undetermined amount of time, people start to panic. A lot of their panicking, as we have already seen…

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