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Two 20-year-old twins pay off their parents' mortgage with the money they earn making video games

Who said you can't make mountains of money from video games? Perhaps, faced on reading this article, some skeptical adults may change their minds about the nature of these interactive games. Two twins,…

"I will never hide my past": a guy reveals his gender change against any prejudice

Feeling in perfect harmony with your body and mind is never an easy task, especially if you grow up in a context in which you perceive more and more that the body with which you were born does not belong…

18 women who revolutionized their looks thanks to the skill of a famous make-up artist

It is undeniable that a little make-up, especially in the early morning, helps us to feel a little better about ourselves. Dark circles, facial imperfections and messed up hair can greatly undermine a…

She is disfigured by a fire: her partner stays close to her and proves that love is not based on appearances

The story of Turia Pitt, who as an ex-model and successful young woman had to face enormous physical and psychological trauma due to a terrible accident in which her body sustained 60% burns, is nothing…

A young carpenter builds warm and weather resistant houses for the homeless: "I want to prevent them from dying of cold in winter"

The problem of world poverty and homelessness certainly cannot be solved on the spot by anyone, but surely each of us can contribute practically to improving the living conditions of those who are most…

After the earthquake he volunteered to help: a boy with dwarfism manages to save more people thanks to his small stature

Sometimes we don't realize how much potential we have and blame Mother Nature for having made us one way rather than another. But on the other hand, each of us has certain characteristics that, in some…

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