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Homeless teenager steals a purse at a bar: the owner offers him his help instead of calling the police

Too many people nowadays find themselves on the streets and can find no other solution than to steal, just to get something to eat. This is about survival, but we certainly cannot justify criminal acts…

7-year-old girl loses her shoe at the start of a race: she goes back to get it, she doesn't give up and wins the race (+ VIDEO)

How true it is that children know how to give us adults lessons about maturity and tenacity that are very important. The little subject of this story is a prime example. In a race with her other…

Father-in-law walks out hand in hand with his son-in-law to help him overcome the fear of doing so with his boyfriend in public

Negative experiences shape us, but they should be left in the past to allow us to move forward as normally as possible, and with more wisdom. Bullying and teasing can start very early in a child's life,…

Father discovers that his son made fun of a classmate because of his footwear: he forces him to wear sandals (+ VIDEO)

Parents provide first examples that a child will follow as they are always around, day after day, and ever since he or she came into the world. It is therefore essential that both mum and dad act with…

Stay-at-home mom accused by her partner of "doing nothing all day": she posts a video showing her day full of chores

Working from home is generally seen as a way to have more time available to be able to devote to things other than work - but this belief is absolutely false. Too often, housewives are accused doing…

Landlord wants to increase the rent on his tenants: they "take their revenge" by buying the whole building

Nowadays, it is more and more difficult to be able to afford to pay a rent and it is even more difficult to be able to buy a house. The real estate market, with its ups and downs, allows increasingly…

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