Young man wants to buy a $ 900 washing…
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Young man wants to buy a $ 900 washing machine, but the shop assistant snubs him: "Look for something you can actually afford"

April 21, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Nowadays, online shopping seems to have replaced physical visits to brick-and-mortar stores. This is because it is both very convenient and allows buyer to avoid having to deal with rude / incompetent salespeople. Fortunately, it's not often that you are treated with disrespect by those who should have every motivation to make a sale, but the subject of this story found himself involved in a very unpleasant confrontation with a salesperson. Before leaving the shop, however, he took his revenge: a satisfying moment to say the least!

The young poster told his story on Reddit, contextualizing the event and detailing all the reasons that made his exit from the store so epic.

via: Reddit

The young man described himself as a 32-year-old, who looks more like a 23-year-old. Being a photographer, he doesn't need to dress in a suit and tie, on the contrary - he prefers comfortable, casual outfits that he can just go in, in a relaxed way. The moral of the story: those who do not know him personally might think that he is just a kid - if not a homeless person - as he himself described his appearance might suggest. Another detail that he wished to underline is that the episode in question took place in Nairobi, Kenya. But let's get to the point...

The young man needed to buy a washing machine and, although he had seen an interesting model online, he had decided to go to the store where he was sure he could see it for real and, if if it met his needs, buy it on the spot.

The young man detailed his entrance into the appliance store: "I went directly to the section dedicated to washing machines and one of the salesmen came up to me. I was busy checking the model I wanted, opening the door of the drum, reading the data sheet and whatever else. So after having come up to me, we started talking about the machine. "

After asking if he was interested in buying that specific model - which cost $ 900 - the young, potential buyer asked if there was any discount for an in-store purchase or some such other incentive. The previous month he had bought a rice cooker, so he knew the store offered attractive incentives to its customers. Also, what's the problem with wanting to save some money? The young man could afford to spend the full amount, but in the immediate future he would have felt the stain for incurring this large expense. In any case, and at the end of the day, this young man needed a washing machine.


At that point, however, a well-dressed couple entered the shop and caught the attention of the clerk, who didn't hesitate to leave his current client for them. The young man described the scene: "I called him and said 'Hey, I'm not done' and he replied 'I'm serving customers now. I'll be back to you in a little while. In the meantime, look around if there is anything here that you can actually afford. "

The young man was furious after receiving such a response, but did not have the quickness of wit to respond immediately. He approached the customer service desk, and asked to immediately buy the washing machine he wanted. The service person redirected him back to the clerk in the "washing machines" section, but the young man refused to be served by him: "I told her I already knew what I wanted and I just needed someone to help me with the paperwork and the payment," wrote the young man. At that point, the girl herself took charge of the sale, much to the chagrin of the first salesman, who had now missed the opportunity to earn 10% commission on the sale.

"As I was leaving," wrote the young buyer, "I turned to to this rude salesman and said with a smile, 'Turns out I could afford it.' I felt really good. The best part of the story? The couple he dumped me for left the shop without buying anything! ".

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