"A stranger parked in my driveway and I blocked his car in with mine all weekend"

Mark Bennett

February 05, 2023


The world is full of individuals and everyone has their own character and personality There are those who have a mild temperament and let things slide without making too much fuss; then, there are those who, on the contrary, get agitated by the slightest adversity; and then, there are those who can take almost anything in their stride.

The subject of this story seems to be a man who knows how to deal with the unexpected and remain unperturbed. Read on to find out about his story:

via Reddit


Jeangagnon/Wikimedia - Not the actual photo

In a post on Reddit, the author - let's call him Bill - said he came home after work and found an unpleasant surprise waiting for him. As soon as Bill got home, he noticed that a complete stranger had decided to park their car in his driveway. If you're thinking that this stranger had asked Bill for permission, you'd be wrong. No one had spoken to Bil, least of all the guest of his neighbor who had parked their car in Bill's driveway.

So, what could Bill do about this? After thinking about it for a while, Bill came up with a unique "revenge".

"I must explain that the driveway to my house is very narrow and only fits one car. On the sides, it has two walls and a garage in front. It is practically impossible for a tow truck to pull the car out without creating some damage to the property. There was no free space in the street and I didn't know where to put my car, so I parked it right behind the stranger's car, effectively blocking him in," said Bill.

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Once parked, Bill went inside and got on with his chores. A few hours later, the owner of the offending car arrived and asked Bill to move his car so he could get out: and here, Bill got his revenge. "He was insistant, but I told them I couldn't get behind the wheel of my car. I had been drinking and it would have been against the law," Bill recounted. This response infuriated the stranger.

After a while, the owner of the car called the police and asked them to force Bill to move his car. When the officers arrived, however, they could not do anything. Bill confirmed he had been drinking and a tow would damage his property. Bill's revenge was complete!


Pexels - Not the actual photo

To rub salt in the wound, Bill told the stranger that he would be drinking all weekend and that he would only be moving his car on the coming Tuesday.

Teaching someone a "lesson" is sometimes necessary. And certainly, when it comes to parking cars, we need to be respectful.

Do you think Bill went too far with his revenge?