Glitter trap on doorknobs used to stop…
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Glitter trap on doorknobs used to stop mother-in-law snooping around the home

January 11, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Do you have issues living together at home with your mother-in-law? Sometimes loved and hated and at the same time by a partner's wife or husband, the constant presence of a mother-in-law in the home does not make life for those around her a simple one. She may be a loving mother and a perfect grandmother, but sometimes she can be unwittingly be nosey and intrusive into other people's affairs. And this is exactly what has been happening for far too long at the home of the anonymous woman who has told her story on Reddit.

On Reddit's AITA group, the woman told users about her negative experience with her mother-in-law at her home. For too long the elderly woman had been snooping into the rooms of the woman's house without her "knowledge". Each time, the mother-in-law used the same excuse to explain her behavior - she said that she had forgotten the way to the toilet and so she had opened the wrong doors by mistake. At one point, she opened the door to the couple's bedroom; on another occassion, she entered their private study. In short,  she snooped into rooms that she was not supposed to have access to. To combat this offensive behavior, the woman implemented a brilliant and amusing solution to make sure that the mother-in-law would finally lose her penchant for "forgetting her the way to the bathroom".

As she detailed on Reddit, the woman took a jar of colored glitter and sprinkled it on some of the doorknobs her mother-in-law was suspected of opening without permission. In this way, the handles of doors to the bedroom, the study and the private office were all covered with colored glitter. Just touching the handles would be sufficient for the mother-in-law to get her hands "covered" with the glitter. Indeed, it would not only get on her hands, but would also get on her face, and into her hair!

Without realising it, the nosy mother-in-law spread glitter all over the home, and the woman finally had the hard "evidence"  to show her husband that his mother was indeed snooping around the house. The proof of his mother's guilt showed him that the allegations his wife had made about his mother snooping around were true and his wife was not crazy or acting maliciously against his mother.  

After the "shocking" discovery, the wife and husband decided to restrict the mother-in-law's visits to their home. Additionally, they underwent couples therapy to smooth out their differences and their points of conflict in their shared lives. The couple wanted to make sure this incident, and incidents like this, do not threaten their marriage.

Do you think the mother-in-law will have learned her lesson after being caught red-handed snooping around her son and daughter-in-law's home?

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