His fiancée betrays him and writes…
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His fiancée betrays him and writes a letter of apology: he sends it back with lots of corrections in red

May 23, 2020 • By Alison Forde

It is not easy for anyone to accept a crisis in a relationship, especially when the relationship between two people is broken by a betrayal or a loss of trust. We could say that these are precisely the worst cases, those which are difficult to recover from, which jeopardize the present and future stability between two partners.

So it was with Nick Lutz, a college student who broke up with his girlfriend after he found out he was cheated on. The girl, repentant and embittered about what happened, felt a need to apologize to Nick, and she did it by writing him a heartfelt letter, in which she claimed that she never wanted to cheat on him. The reaction of the ex-boyfriend? Really unusual and stinging, judging by what he did.

via: Metro

For certain, the girl did not expect that, in response to her letter, her ex-boyfriend would send her back with a lot of red pen corrections and even a final mark. That's right: Nick, sarcastically and bitingly, decided that the best reaction to what his ex had written to him was to just "evaluate" it.

Spelling mistakes, lack of introduction, few details, expressions deemed "useless" and "repetitive" are just some of the corrections that the guy, with a bright red pen, marked on the letter written by his ex. In the end, after an evaluation in which he ironically invites her to commit herself more if she wants to be believed because "the details are important", Nick gave her a bad score of 61 out of 100. In short: little more than adequate.

The young man posted it all on Twitter and, from an initial post shared with friends, the letter quickly went viral. There was no shortage of people who approved of the resentment and irony in his response to the girlfriend who had betrayed him. The young man, however, for having spread this letter, was suspended from his university, due to behavior deemed to be cyberbullying.

What do you think? Exaggerated or deserved reaction?

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