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A lost dog roaming the highway leads…
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A lost dog roaming the highway leads police to the scene of an accident and ensures his injured owner's life is saved

January 11, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Having a four-legged friend can be a real blessing in many ways. We know that a dog is a man's best friend, and this incontrovertible truth is testified to every day by the infinite acts of loyalty and courage shown by these wonderful animals towards their owners. In many cases, it is the dog that saves their owner's life and in incredible ways. The incident that we report here is about the intelligence of a dog who had the merit of saving his owner. This story is about a German Shepherd dog named Tinsley and his owner, Cam Laundry.

Thanks to the dog's incredible intelligence, Cam was rescued by the New Hampshire police after having been in a very bad car accident.

New Hampshire Police received a call about a dog, a male, roaming the freeway and looking lost. The dog looked stressed and frightened, but wasn't easy to catch. The officers tried to get him out of the road to prevent him from being hit, but the German Shepherd continued to slip through their fingers. The dog loped off, but then he stopped and turned to look back at the officers, almost as if he wanted to be sure that they were following him. This is not unusual behavior for a dog, but can still intriguing and mysterious if this is the first time you have witnessed it. The policemen followed the dog up to a small slope, directly in line with a damaged section of the guardrail. The dog looked down the slope and the officers suddenly realized what the animal was trying to alert them to - a terrible car accident involving the dog's owner.

Cam Laundry's truck had overturned, and he and another passenger had been severely injured. The two men had evidently been thrown out of the vehicle and had sustained multiple injuries. And almost certainly, they would have suffered hypothermia if Tinsley hadn't "sought help" in time.

One of the officers commented: "It was like living through a Lassie situation, but in real life. It's really remarkable. This dog definitely saved the mens' lives. I don't think they would have survived the night given how cold it was."

The owner of the dog, Cam Laundry, also praised his dog's awareness and intelligence and pointed out that he will now be properly spoiled with treats and pampering - a well-deserved reward!

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