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He sees a little dog abandoned in a…
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He sees a little dog abandoned in a car under the hot sun and breaks the glass to save it

July 02, 2021 • By Alison Forde

In summer the cases of abandonment of pets, especially dogs, are always increasing and cases of neglect towards them are no less frequent. When we take our four-legged friend on errands with us in the height of summer, we should never leave them alone in the car! If we can't do otherwise, we should certainly leave them in the car with the air conditioning on and, of course, not in the blazing sun. Unfortunately, neglectful situations are not uncommon in which an owner leaves his pet in the car in the sun - cases that almost inevitably end in tragedy. The episode we want to tell you in this article took place in Canada, during a particularly sultry summer day: a gentleman named Mark Lewis came across a BMW parked in the sun, with a dog on board, locked up and with no escape route.

Despite the repeated warning over the parking loudspeakers, the BMW owners were absent for more than 50 minutes, enough to alarm passers-by and Mark Lewis. The man couldn't bear the sight of that suffering dog, so he decided to help him out of that hellish trap. Mark picked up a large stone and tried to throw it several times against the car window, hoping to break it and save the life of that helpless dog. After several attempts, Mark managed to break the car window and rescue the dog, which despite being still alive, did not seem to be in good condition. Passers-by who witnessed the scene applauded the man for his heroic deed.

After giving him some water, Cotton (the dog's name) immediately recovered and after a few minutes he started wagging his tail again and trying to get everyone's attention to play. After his heroic gesture, Mark Lewis couldn't fail to advise all dog owners to be more judicious: "You really have to be more careful, especially on such hot days. The owners of this dog, abandoned in this car, they weren't very careful."

Let's never forget our animal friends: in the summer they suffer from the heat just like us and, in general, we should avoid putting their health at risk due to our forgetfulness.

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