Dog with an incredible "sixth sense" saves the life of an elderly neighbor

Mark Bennett

February 24, 2022

Dog with an incredible

A dog can be a real blessing, both to overcome a difficult moment, and to live with you in your daily life and giving us their unconditional love and just being happy to be with another living being. When 20-year-old Makayla Swif adopted Milo, a two-year-old Beagle, she knew the little dog would enrich her life, but she still didn't know just by how much. Milo became a hero, after saving the life of an old lady - but Makayla never had any doubts that he was an exceptional animal.

It all started when, one day, Makayla took Milo for a quick walk, before going out on her own to do some shopping. The dog, however, ran off as soon as the girl opened the door of the house and headed towards a house located on the opposite side of the road to where Makayla's house was. This is a behavior, to tell the truth, that a good dog should not do or, at least, this is what Makayla was thinking about her dog as she tried to retrieve him.

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Milo is a very lively, curious and loving dog - loved by all those who know him or who perhaps meet him by chance on the street. He is very sociable and loves all people who want to stroke him a little. His mistress, Makayla Swif, was coping with the loss of her mother when she adopted baby Milo - a tragic moment, therefore, from which she was trying to recover.

One day, Makayla took Milo out for his regular walk in the street, but she didn't have time to hold him back, as he quickly ran off. Milo had headed off across the street, to the neighbor's house. Not appearing happy, however, after a while, he immediately shifted his attention to the house next door. Here, he started barking very loudly and scratching at the front door, almost as if he wanted to break into the house. Certainly, he did not seem to be behaving in the best way in the world - or at least so Makayla thought, and she was already preparing to get him back to her.

Every animal who comes into our care is special, but that title is even more true for HRA alum Milo who recently heard...

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When the young woman approached the door of the house Milo was fixated on, however, she heard a voice screaming and calling for help from inside. It was the home of 85-year-old Sherry Starr, who had slipped into the bathroom and could no longer get up. The elderly lady was convinced that by screaming louder, the postman or someone else would hear her, but the truth is that her voice was so faint that it could only be heard if you were at the front door - just as Makayla had done to retrieve Milo. Luckily, Milo had noticed that something was wrong and had launched himself towards Mrs. Starr's house!


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Luckily, Mrs. Starr got away with just a few scratches, but admitted she felt depressed to some degree: "Maybe I'll die like this," she thought after falling and getting stuck in the bathroom. Fortunately, however, everything turned out for the best.

Milo proved to be a very attentive, intelligent little dog and was called a "hero" for literally saving the old lady's life.

Luckily our dogs have this sixth sense which, often and fortunately, saves us from many dangerous situations!