Best friends for 60 years find out they are half-brothers: an incredible story

Mark Bennett

January 30, 2022

Best friends for 60 years find out they are half-brothers: an incredible story

Sometimes life really manages to surprise us; only by travelling down the path which we call existence do we realize how much unexpected things, coincidences, destiny and fate play a fundamental role in shaping our lives. Of course, if you read the incredible story we are about to tell you, you would be absolutely convinced that it is the invisible hand of fate that governs the destinies of every living being - and doing it in the most surprising and incredible way possible!

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Alan Robinson and Walter Macfarlane, BFFs for 60 years, have discovered that they share more than just friendship.

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This is the story of Alan Robinson and Walter McFarlane, two men who were born on Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands just 15 months apart from each other and who have become best friends over time. Alan always knew he was adopted, while Walter was raised from childhood by his grandmother and never knew his biological father. The two met for the first time when they were very young and attended the same elementary school. From then on, they were never separated, becoming close friends over the years. Furthermore, for most of their lives, the two lived less than 10 minutes apart, and were completely unaware that they were actually related...

Everything changed when Walter MacFarlane decided to investigate his real, biological family origins, and in doing so, he had the opportunity to browse a site that compared different family trees to discover his own family heritage. Thanks to the help of his daughter Cindy, Walter was able to find out much more about his family, and also learnt that Alan, his lifelong friend, had an unexpected biological bond with him...

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Initially, his discovery was a huge shock to Walter: "When we got the results, we discovered that Alan wasn't just my best friend - he was my stepbrother. I had a younger brother who I lost when he was 19, so I never had nieces or nephews or anything like that. I thought that I would never know my biological mother, that I would never have nieces or nephews... "

Now that Walter and Alan have discovered that they are related (they have their biological mother in common), they are inseparable; now not only are they aware that they are brothers, but they are placing the right value on their unique friendship that has lasted for 60 years. After all, doesn't being close with another person mean being a bit of a brother or sister to your best friend?

Best wishes to these inseparable half-brothers... best friends for 60 years!