Young man invites his girlfriend to dinner and offers her a sandwich with mortadella: she dumps him because "he is too poor" -
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Young man invites his girlfriend to…
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Young man invites his girlfriend to dinner and offers her a sandwich with mortadella: she dumps him because "he is too poor"

January 15, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Poverty is a condition which is sadly shared by millions of people around the world. Poverty shouldn't affect a person's personality or destiny but it can and, unfortunately, continues to define who we are. A post on Facebook makes us think deeply about this subject: a young man was left by his girlfriend because he was "too poor". The youth had invited his girlfriend to dinner and had offered her a sandwich with cheese and mortadella, accompanied with a bottle of coca-cola. This story is set in Argentina, where the young man in question studies at a university and, at the same time, tries to earn some money by mowing his neighbors' lawn.

Can love be driven only by money?

The couple in this story seemed to like each other in a genuine way, and theirs had been a "love at first sight" episode. Enamoured, the young man, originally from the western area of ​​the capital of La Rioja in Argentina, invited the girl to dinner . Not being able to afford to take her to a restaurant, he nevertheless planned a romantic evening with what he had on hand and what he could afford to buy. With his megre resources, this only amounted two sandwiches with cheese and mortadella and two bottles of Coca-Cola! The invitation to his home was also meant to introduce the girl to his parents. The evening, however, did not go as planned, because the girl decided to end the relationship because of the low social status of the young man, demonstrated by his humble dinner offerings.

Needless to say, the young man has been left heartbroken. In the post the boy wrote: "Through this post I would like you to know that when you meet someone you have to tell them what sort of life you have, otherwise you will end up like me - dumped because I am poor. Maybe if I had told her that I was a simple student who mowed the lawns, she would not have been attracted to me and I would not have fallen in love with her. I am sure she will see this post, so I don't want to mention names ".

Facebook users reacted in various ways to the young man's story: on the one hand, some users said it is sad to see that it is access to money that is determinative in a relationship; on the other hand some users tried to advise the young man in a more constructive way - warning him that falling in love so quickly is not exactly wise! In any case, most users stated that "being with people with principles like this is not desirable" and we cannot disagree. What do you think?

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