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Without permission, man announces to…
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Without permission, man announces to everyone that his work colleague is pregnant: the woman is furious

January 18, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When we work closely with other people or with work colleagues, harmonious coexistence is never easy. Of course, work experiences are not the same for everyone, but there are cases in which becoming too familiar with your work colleagues is never the right choice to make. This is because a colleague could take advantage of this familiarity when we least expect it and can end up damaging our reputations or hurting our sensibilities. And this is a bit like what happened to the main character of the incredible story that we are about to tell you...

An anonymous woman told her story on Reddit, recounting a very unpleasant experience she had at work. She was stunned when a male colleague took the liberty of announcing to everyone at the workplace the fact that she had been pregnant for a few months. This was a totally inappropriate and disrespectful act that caught her completely by surprise. "I am married and recently found out I was pregnant, but only my husband and I knew about this. I had not even told anyone in our family or in our circle of friends. The other day at work, my colleagues and I were on our lunch break and Austin (the colleague who acted so offensively) was with us. We were all chatting, when suddenly he got up from his chair and asked for everyone's attention for a minute. I didn't know what it was all about until he announced out loud to everyone present that I was pregnant. "

"I was flabbergasted, and Austin didn't even blink as the others rushed over to congratulate me and shower me with good wishes, jokes and advice on how to be a parent. I was completely shocked, I asked Austin how he had found out and he said "Remember when you gave me a lift the other day? I saw your pregnancy test result on the dashboard". My immediate reaction was to yell at him in front of everyone, asking him why the hell he just shared my private medical information at my workplace. He said he was just sharing "our joy" with everyone else since nobody knew. Other colleagues urged me to calm down, but I told them firmly that his behavior was inappropriate and that I would report him to the boss. Then everyone left, leaving Austin standing there alone", said the furious woman.

However, the thing that later made the woman even more angry is that all her other colleagues suggested that she apologize to Austin for the nice gesture he had made, and that perhaps she had overreacted. They suggested the woman had exaggerated the seriousness of what her colleague had done and it wasn't all that bad. But was it really an exaggerated overreaction? Many Reddit users who have read the story have taken the side of the pregnant woman.

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