At only 5 years old, this boy was considered the strongest kid in the world -
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At only 5 years old, this boy was considered…
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At only 5 years old, this boy was considered the strongest kid in the world

January 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

There are some people who are born with a natural talent and a natural ability for something from the very beginning of their lives. Then, there are others who find their path and their "vocation" later in their lives. Now reflect on the story of the teenage boy we want to tell you about today: at just 5 years old, he entered the Guinness Book of World Records thanks to his particularly "gymnastic" physical appearance and the records he achieved in some sports that, at his age, would normally be considered impossible.

This is the story of Giuliano Stroe, a Romanian boy who is now 17 but who was officially labeled by Guinness World Records as "the strongest child in the world" when he turned 5 - and for good reasons. At his tender age of 5, Giuliano was able to perform a ten-meter hand walk with a weighted ball held between his legs. Additionally, he held onto this official record the following year, when he was "only" 6 years old. Consider also, that he was able to perform twenty 90-degree push-ups. These are push-ups that are performed without letting the feet touch the ground. This kid is a real phenomenon!

Now that Giuliano is 17, he has changed a bit since he was a young kid of only 5. As a five year old, he was particularly muscular (perhaps even a little too much for his age) and he was winning prize after prize, and breaking record after record. Today, the Romanian boy still trains every day in the gym with his brother Claudio, spurred on by his father Lulian and his mother Ileana. As might be expected, the parents have been the subject of controversy for having "subjected" their two children to grueling regimes of two-hour bodybuilding exercises every morning.


But, as both Lulian and mother Ileana affirm, there was no forcing or coercion involved and the two sons, Giuliano and Claudio, simply have a natural affinity for physical exercise and for gaining muscle mass: "They have an natural ability to do these things, nothing has been forced, it is what God wanted for them since their birth", mother Ileana said at the time.

Certainly, judging from the photos posted on his official Facebook profile, Giuliano Stroe really has what it takes to be a natural-born bodybuilder. Since he was 5 years old, he had such a muscular and toned body that he would have been the envy of not only his peers, but also of any person who has always dreamed of breaking records for physical endurance: a really special child before and now a special teenager ... record-breaking!


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