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A cyclist finds an abandoned dog on…
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A cyclist finds an abandoned dog on the street and saves it by putting it in her shirt pocket

June 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

What would you do if you encountered an animal in distress? Common sense, and in many countries even the law, should immediately make us rush to the aid of the poor victim. Such misadventures can happen at any time: in the city, during an excursion, along country roads and ... Unfortunately, it's also quite common to find boxes of puppies of a few days old or dogs tied to some street light, left to fend for themselves. In these cases, our intervention can really make a difference! A cyclist, Meire Luce Andrade Abreu, was cycling as usual during one of her bike rides through the streets of the city, when she had such an encounter: a puppy abandoned on a rather desolate street! Fortunately, Marie and the friend who was accompanying her at the time found themselves on the right path.

Meire is very fond of cycling and doesn't give up on her rides even if the weather is not promising: in the sun or in the rain, she goes out to ride anyway! And it was during one of her bike tours, that she was able to save the life of a puppy who, evidently, had been abandoned along the road. Unable to hold it, and having no basket attached to her bike, Meire had to put it in the pocket of her cycling shirt. Maybe not the most comfortable place in the world, but it sure served its purpose!

The puppy is called Thor and thanks to Meire's prompt intervention, he now has a home and a loving family that welcomed him into their family! Obviously, after the rescue, the puppy was immediately taken to the vet, who confirmed his state of health was more than excellent. Today Thor has four other siblings to play with every day and Meire couldn't be happier to have made this beautiful gesture. The woman also didn't miss out on the opportunity to reiterate how important it is to adopt consciously: there are thousands of dogs who are waiting for nothing but to be welcomed into a family full of love, but you must always evaluate every aspect, since a dog he is still a living being and, as such, he has feelings. In short, you cannot adopt a puppy and get rid of it after a few days because you are tired of such a commitment! Unfortunately, Meire won't always be around on her bicycle to rescue the next abandoned dog ...

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