When genetics mixes up the cards: 15…
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When genetics mixes up the cards: 15 sensational examples in which there seems to be no kinship

April 14, 2021 • By Alison Forde

At the birth of a child, all relatives, first and foremost the parents, expect the little one to have certain distinctive traits rather than others. It would be an understatement to imagine that genetics operates exclusively by taking up some characteristics from mum, dad and grandparents, since very often the cards on the table are shuffled so well that it is very difficult to find points in common with the parents. In short, two fundamental things usually happen: the little one seems to have almost everything from his father or mother, or neither. Then there are brothers and sisters who don't even seem related to each other ... What matters is that each of us still retains unique characteristics, which make him or her a special person every day. In this photo list, we have tried to collect some sensational examples of this type, but also cases in which genetics seem to have played a good trick on the newborn!

1. "Today is my twin brother's birthday ... oh wait, it's my birthday too!"

Twin brothers, yet so different: one is dark, while the other has red hair. Incredible, isn't it?

2. Father and son ... who did he get his height from ?!

Perhaps mom is particularly tall?


3. Twin sisters, born to a white father and a half Jamaican mother

4. These two girls are sisters, amazing isn't it?

5. "My daughter was born with my own lock of white hair!"


6. A particularly tall athlete ... and his father!

7. They are certainly brothers, but looking at them like this would you ever think that this is the father?


8. In this case, it's mother and daughter with the same genetic eye condition

9. On the one side the mother, on the other side the daughter: here you don't even need a DNA test!


10. Another striking case of twin sisters!

The twins Kian and Remee were born within a minute of each other. One girl has typically African American features, while the other has white skin and European features. The reason is all in a combination of their parents' genes (white mother and black father).

11. Twin brothers ... who have become dads to twins!

image: Imgur

12. Twins who married twins and ... had twins!

13. There is no doubt which gene is common to all ...

14. They look different, right? Yet they are twin sisters!

15. Father and daughter!

image: Imgur

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