17 vintage photos remind us of all the…
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17 vintage photos remind us of all the charm of our grandparents and their timeless beauty

November 22, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Naturalness is something that has gradually been lost in this modern age, in which millions of people are looking for the most effective filter to be able to look great in a photo to show to the whole world. Make-up is something that has always been there, but the use of social media and the desire to look "beautiful and perfect" at all costs is perhaps something we are experiencing more in this current era. Our grandparents certainly didn't need to invent strange poses to hide their bellies or to look more beautiful: they were already beautiful like this! When we look at certain photos from the past, we realize how this authenticity has been lost more and more every day and we marvel at how beautiful our grandparents and great-grandparents were.

"Here is my grandmother in the late 60s, with her typewriter"

2. "My grandmother was a free woman in the 1920s: she smoked, drank and made herself up as she wanted ... she was a tough girl!"


3. "My wonderful grandparents in the 1950s"

4. "It was 1947 and my mother was 20 in this photo ... wasn't she beautiful?"

5. "My grandmother in 1970, in Iran"


6. "My grandfather in 1948 looking practically like a model!"

7. "My grandfather was a Soviet pilot in 1968"


8. "My grandfather in the photo from his identity card of 1947"

9. "My beautiful grandmother at the end of the Second World War"


10. "My great-grandmother Erika in 1946, after emigrating to America"

11. "My grandmother in Miami beach in 1962 had more style than I do!"

12. "My grandfather joined the navy during World War II"

13. A beautiful subject isn't he?

14. 1940: she was beautiful!

15. "My grandfather in Italy, in the mid-1960s"

16. "A photo of my great grandfather during World War II. He is still alive today."

17. "My beautiful grandmother, born in 1931"


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