18 photos that look like one thing and…
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18 photos that look like one thing and instead are totally different from what you think!

November 07, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When we are walking on the streets, sometimes we can fall victim to optical illusions that make us believe that we see something only to realize, after looking again more carefully, that it was only the fruit of our imagination. 

Today we wanted to gather for you, 18 sensational images that seem to portray certain situations that are out of the ordinary, instead, they are familiar objects or common situations, simply viewed from a deceptive perspective!

As you browse through the photo gallery, we are certain your eyes will immediately lead you in the wrong direction ...

1. Do you think this is a sculpture depicting the damned who are sliding down into hell?

No, it is actually solidified volcanic lava rock!

2. Do you think this is a loft or an auditorium?

No, it is just the inside of a guitar!


3. Do you think this is a satellite image of a part of the Earth?

image: vmos | Reddit

No, it is the frozen hood of a car!

4. Do you think this is a UFO flying over a forest?

No, it is a door handle on the dirty door of a car!

5. Do you think there are several animals in the photos?

No, there is only one animal. What you see is the giant front leg of one anteater and not one or two pandas!


6. Do you think it is a house on fire?

No, it is just the reflection of the sunset!

7. Do you think this is a tropical island?

No, it is just a small moss-covered rock in the middle of a water puddle!


8. Do you think this is an image of a rough ocean?

No, it is a stormy sky!

9. Do you think this is the famous Firework Nebula?

No, it is just ordinary fireworks with the relative smoke and not the famous GK Per aka Firework Nebula!


10. Do you think this is a painting?

No, it is actually a real-life image of the Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia!

11. Do you think this is a photo of a tsunami?

No, it is just a cloud!

12. Do you think this a slab of concrete?

No, it is the city of New Delhi, India as seen from above!

13. Do you think Godzilla has come to town?

No, it is just a lizard on a car windshield!

14. Do you think this an image of a car with a fridge and the trunk has been left open?

No, it is just the reflection of a refrigerator display case in a store that fits perfectly in the window!

15. You think this is a flat screen TV!

No, it is just a window with a lovely view!

16. Do you think that is plastic wrap covering the objects in the trash can?

No, it is actually ice!

17. Do you think that is tuna inside a weird bread roll?

No, it is the inside of a golf ball!

18. Do you think it was a lit cigarette that was put out on the ground?

No, it is actually a bent vehicle entrance blocking pole!


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